How Can Aviclear™ Help My Acne?

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Suffering from acne can be a frustrating experience. Finding the ideal treatment can give you hope and help boost your confidence and self-esteem. Fortunately, this is possible through AviClear, which safely, effectively, and quickly helps clear acne.

What Is Aviclear?


AviClear is an FDA-cleared treatment for mild to severe acne treatment. It is the only and the first device the FDA cleared for treating acne. It addresses the breakout sources by using a 1,726-nanometer wavelength.

Ideal Candidates for AviClear


AviClear treatment is very inclusive in treating all skin tones, ranging from light to dark skin. You can benefit from it if you have hormonal, inflammatory, or cystic acne. Hence, patients from adolescent ages to adulthood can benefit from it. Teenagers are among the main groups that often need this treatment.

AviClear is an ideal treatment for people seeking a drug-free option for acne treatment. Most women do not like being on birth control to treat or control their hormonal acne. AviClear is a safe and nonchemical alternative to such parties as it helps treat acne without sticking to challenging regimes or using and ingesting antibiotics and chemicals. 

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How Does AviClear Help Acne?


Acne develops when bacteria, dead skin cells, sebum, or oil get trapped in your skin pores. AviClear uses laser light energy to target and suppress sebaceous glands that produce oils and cause acne. 

The treatment causes sebum glands to produce less oil and acne without damaging the skin. An entire round entails 30-minute sessions conducted for three months. 

The treatment causes the reduction of oil production for around nine months or longer. Patients enjoy smoother and clearer skin for about two years before needing a maintenance AviClear session.

While acne is never completely preventable, you can discourage future breakouts after your treatment in various ways, as follows:

Use a recommended gentle cleanser on your face twice every day. 

  • Get plenty of sleep.
  • Drink a lot of water.
  • Eat a balanced and healthy diet.
  • Limit intake of saturated fat and processed and high sugar foods.
  • Use directed topical skin care products.
  • Use makeup products that are non-comedogenic.

A healthy lifestyle and dedicated skin care routines will help acne treatments like AviClear be more effective to help you feel more confident and comfortable about your skin.

Are There Any Side Effects or Risks?


You may experience a minor snapping sensation on your skin during treatment. The sensory control and cooling mechanism help maintain your skin temperature to make the treatment comfortable.

Clinical trials do not show significant treatment side effects. AviClear treatment is effective and safe for all skin types and tones, including deep, brown, and olive skin tones, which often get complications from laser treatments.

AviClear Results After Treatment 


Expect to see your acne breakouts reduce after your treatment. Your skin will also improve in appearance. You can see the best results after completing a series of three treatments, each session spaced out for a month for three months. Approximately 80 percent of people who go through AviClear treatments see significant improvement in how their skin looks. The results also continue improving gradually.


For more about AviClear, call Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego at 858-264-3800 today. We are one of the first and only AviClear providers in San Diego and can answer any questions you have about this revolutionary new treatment.

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