Show Off Your Dream Thighs with a Scarless Solution

San Diego’s top plastic surgery destination has the solution: introducing the revolutionary Scarless Thigh Lift, a transformative procedure powered by the cutting-edge BodyTite® Radiofrequency Assisted Lipocoagulation (RFAL) technology. At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, our esteemed, award-winning surgical team utilizes BodyTite® to redefine thighs, providing exceptional results without compromising on aesthetics or recovery.

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How Does a Scarless Thigh Lift Work?

The Scarless Thigh Lift at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa is designed for individuals seeking firmer, lifted thighs with minimal scarring. Whether due to aging, weight loss, or genetics, sagging skin on the thighs can be a common concern. 

Traditional thigh lift procedures often involve extensive incisions and visible scars. In contrast, the Scarless Thigh Lift offers an innovative solution, emphasizing minimal scarring and remarkable, lasting results.

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The Role of BodyTite® RFAL Technology

At the heart of the Scarless Thigh Lift's success is the state-of-the-art BodyTite RFAL technology. BodyTite is a game-changer in body contouring, providing controlled, targeted heating to coagulate subcutaneous fat and tighten the skin. 

This minimally invasive approach allows your surgeon to engage in incredibly precise sculpting and shaping, delivering exceptional outcomes without the need for extensive incisions.

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InMode RFAL Applications: BodyTite®, FaceTite®, and Fractora®

At Changes, our surgical team utilizes the InMode suite of options to offer our SoCal patients comprehensive aesthetic solutions.


The cornerstone of Scarless Thigh Lift, BodyTite® harnesses radiofrequency energy to liquefy and remove fat while simultaneously tightening the skin. This results in smoother, more contoured thighs with minimal scarring.

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Addressing facial sagging and rejuvenation, FaceTite utilizes RFAL technology to tighten loose skin on the face and neck. This non-surgical facelift alternative provides remarkable results without the downtime associated with traditional facelifts.

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Completing the trio, Fractora focuses on skin resurfacing and subdermal tissue coagulation. This versatile treatment targets various skin concerns, including wrinkles, acne scars, and overall skin texture, promoting youthful, radiant skin.

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The Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa Advantage

What sets Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa apart is not only our commitment to excellence but also our skillful integration of cutting-edge technologies like BodyTite® into our procedures. Our top-reviewed surgical team combines experience, precision, and innovation to redefine the art of aesthetic enhancement.

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How BodyTite® Enhances Your Scarless Thigh Lift: A Closer Look

  • Precision in Contouring: BodyTite® allows for precise targeting of excess fat and sagging skin on the thighs. The controlled application of radiofrequency energy ensures accurate contouring, providing natural-looking results.
  • Minimal Scarring: One of the primary benefits of Scarless Thigh Lift with RFAL is the reduction of visible scarring. The procedure is designed to minimize incisions, resulting in very discreet, practically non-existent scars that fade over time.
  • Efficient Fat Removal: BodyTite® has the ability to liquefy and remove fat. This contributes to efficient and thorough contouring of the thighs and minimizes the need for additional procedures, providing comprehensive results in a single treatment.
  • Skin Tightening: Beyond fat removal, BodyTite® stimulates collagen production, promoting skin tightening. This dual-action approach ensures not only sculpted thighs but also improved skin elasticity for a youthful appearance.
  • Patient Comfort and Safety: Scarless Thigh Lift with BodyTite® is performed under local anesthesia, enhancing patient comfort and reducing downtime. The minimally invasive nature of the procedure contributes to a faster and more comfortable recovery.

A Scalpel-Free Thigh Lift Journey

Are you ready to embrace the transformational benefits of Scarless Thigh Lift with BodyTite at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa? Our expert team is dedicated to providing personalized, beautiful, natural-looking results that enhance your confidence and redefine your silhouette. 

Schedule a consultation today to explore the possibilities and embark on your journey to sculpted, rejuvenated thighs. Your surgeon will take the time to understand your unique goals and guide you toward the ideal procedures for your aesthetic ambitions. Together, we can help you unveil your best, most confident self.

At Changes, innovation meets artistry for unparalleled aesthetic outcomes. Don’t wait. Contact us today and discover your ideal thighs.

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