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At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, a team of exceptional plastic surgeons who are redefining facial rejuvenation with a groundbreaking procedure that seamlessly blends artistry, technology, and patient-centric care. What if you could get all the benefits of face lift without the potential scarring? If that sounds intriguing, keep reading…

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Unveiling the Changes Scarless Face Lift: A Symphony of Modalities

The Changes Scarless Face Lift is more than just a procedure; it's also a fully personalized journey toward your unique vision of facial beauty and harmony. 

Crafted to address concerns in the cheeks, jowls, and neck, this revolutionary approach leverages the InMode RFAL (Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis) system, alongside advanced treatments like FaceTite, Fractora, and fat grafting. The result? You get surgical-level outcomes without the telltale signs and scarring of traditional facelifts.

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Radiofrequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL): Elevating Skin Tightening to an Art

At the heart of the transformative scarless facelift experience is the InMode RFAL system, a state-of-the-art solution for facial and body contouring coupled with simultaneous skin tightening.

Recognizing the pivotal role of facial fat in maintaining a youthful appearance, the Scarless Face Lift preserves and sculpts facial fat using the FaceTite RFAL application, eliminating the need for excising skin seen in conventional face and neck lifts.

The FaceTite application doesn't just stop at the immediate improvements you’ll notice right away. It also initiates a continuous refinement process over three to 12 months as new collagen is formed, ensuring a gradual and natural enhancement.

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Ideal Candidates: Embracing Scarless Beauty

No, you don’t have to “go under the knife” to attain transformative results. The skilled surgeons at Changes are committed to innovating solutions that get you the results you want without painful recovery, long downtime, and lasting scars. 

The Scarless Face Lift at Changes is tailored for individuals seeking a non-surgical alternative to traditional facelifts. Ideal candidates are those who prioritize a natural approach to skin tone, texture, and tightening while avoiding the overt signs of surgery.

Suited for healthy individuals of all skin tones, especially those with mild to moderate skin laxity, submental (neck) fat, and the emergence of jowls, this procedure offers an effective solution that will allow you to spend less time away from the things you enjoy. In cases of extreme skin sagging, our providers may recommend a traditional facelift and neck lift surgery to eliminate excess skin, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach to each patient's unique needs. In every case, your individual needs and desires are the most important deciding factor.

The Procedure Unveiled: Changes Incisionless & Scarless Facelift

Performed under local anesthesia, the Scarless Face Lift emphasizes patient comfort and safety. As sedation accompanies the procedure, arranging for transportation is advised, and you should make sure to have someone to pick you up and stay with you afterward.

The duration of the procedure, ranging from 1 to 3 hours, varies by individual. Your surgeon will take the appropriate amount of time to achieve your aesthetic goals. This largely painless experience minimizes downtime.

You can expect just about 5 to 7 days of swelling, particularly for patients undergoing fat grafting. The absence of incisions eliminates the need for suture removal, contributing to a seamless and comfortable recovery.

EmbraceRF: Elevating Results with Cutting-Edge Technology

EmbraceRF, an integral part of Changes' commitment to state-of-the-art solutions, combines InMode FaceTite and Fractora technologies. This fusion of laser and radiofrequency energy tech addresses skin laxity in the face and neck, with FaceTite's minimally invasive radiofrequency energy treating underlying fat and tightening the skin. Paired with Fractora's bipolar RF energy, EmbraceRF enhances textural concerns, catering to patients not yet ready for a facelift but seeking optimal outcomes.

Embark on Timeless Beauty: Contact Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa

The Scarless Face Lift at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa transcends traditional expectations, offering patients a transformative experience without visible scars. We all age, but we can do so more gracefully than ever. Ready to learn more about the possibilities? Contact us at (858) 264-3800.

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