A New Shape, A New You: Chin and Cheek Implants

Now, you can unlock the secret to facial balance and harmonious features through the artistry of chin and cheek augmentation at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa. Our meticulous approach to improving facial contours ensures balanced and proportional features, accentuating your natural beauty with high-caliber surgical skill and luxury treatment.

Understanding Facial Implants: Sculpting Beauty with Precision

The Significance of Facial Balance

Balance and proportion are the cornerstones of facial beauty. At Changes, we believe in enhancing your natural features, creating high, defined cheekbones, a seamless lower lid and cheek contour, and a proportionate, pronounced chin. These elements contribute to attractive angles and contours that define your unique facial aesthetics.

Comprehensive Transformation

Facial implants can play a pivotal role in achieving harmonious facial features. They are often used in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, eyelid or nose surgeries, or non-surgical methods like dermal filler injections. The best part about facial implants may be that they can provide permanent results that contribute to an overall balanced effect.

State-of-the-Art Visualization

Experience the transformation before it happens with Vectra 3D Computer Imaging. Your consultation at Changes includes 3D imaging, allowing you to visualize the outcome of the procedure before the actual implant placement.

Before & After Chin + Cheek Augmentation

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Beginning the Journey: Your Consultation

Your consultation is your opportunity to speak honestly with your surgeon, sharing your aesthetic goals. Your surgeon will create a fully customized treatment plan to ensure your needs are completely met and your expectations exceeded. We are here to help you reveal the most confident version of yourself, and that means our team is here for you from your first consultation, through the procedure, during recovery, and beyond.

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Cheek Implants (Malarplasty): Crafting Timeless Contours

Defining Cheekbones

Creating contours where there are none is an art perfected through cheek implants. Malarplasty, or cheek implants, offer a permanent solution to achieving high and pronounced cheekbones. 

At Changes, we understand the importance of sculpting natural facial features that truly stand the test of time. The type of incisions needed will vary depending on your chosen implants, and your surgeon will ensure you understand exactly what is needed.

Chin Implants (Mentoplasty): A Profile Transformation

Put Your Best Chin Forward

A stronger chin can transform your face, allowing you to feel more confident and sure of yourself. Chin implants, or mentoplasty, are precisely inserted through a small incision made under the chin. While some bruising and swelling are common with any incision, our experienced surgeons ensure minimal downtime, with these effects typically lasting only a few days post-surgery. 

Tailored Solutions for Men

For many men seeking a strong jawline and profile, chin implants are an excellent solution. When combined with neck liposuction or a neck lift, mentoplasty can help a patient embody the traditional male physical characteristics. At Changes, we specialize in creating profiles that exude strength and masculinity.

Why Choose Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa?

Precision and Expertise

Our surgical team at Changes brings unparalleled precision and expertise to chin and cheek augmentation, ensuring the most natural and balanced outcomes. We prioritize your unique facial features, creating tailored enhancements.

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Comprehensive Services

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa offers a comprehensive range of services, allowing for a holistic approach to facial and body aesthetics. Whether you seek cheek implants, chin augmentation, or a combination, our expertise extends across procedures to address your unique needs.

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Luxury Treatment

Experience the epitome of luxury throughout your transformative journey at Changes. Our commitment to personalized care and attention ensures that every aspect of your experience is crafted with your comfort and satisfaction in mind.

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Join Us and Feel the Changes Difference

Why wait? You owe it to yourself to explore your chin and cheek augmentation options at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa. Schedule your comprehensive consultation today. Our expert surgical team is ready to help you unveil balanced and proportional features that enhance your natural beauty.

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