Wake Up Your Natural Beauty with Tear Trough Surgery

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego recognizes the impact of aging on the under-eye area and how much that can damage someone’s self-esteem. To help our patients feel more confident in themselves again, our expert surgical team is leading the way in providing advanced tear-through correction procedures, ranging from innovative fillers to surgical options. It’s time to say “Goodbye!” to under-eye bags for good.

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Suffering from Tear Trough Deformity?

A tear trough deformity is a hollowing in the region between the lower eyelid and cheek, resulting in a nasojugal fold. More colloquially, this can be described as a pronounced crease that extends downward from the lower eye.

For some patients, the transition from the lower lid to the cheek was seamless in youth, forming a gentle and continuous curve. However, as facial tissues thin and sag with age, a tear trough deformity may emerge.

For other patients, the tear trough deformity may simply be a quirk of genetics. It’s important to remember that regardless of the cause, if this deformity is making you feel less confident, you have options at your disposal.

Learn the Causes of Pronounced Under-Eye Bags and Hollowing

Again, tear trough deformities are not exclusive to a particular age group; they can affect anyone anytime. 

Factors contributing to this condition include: 

  • Genetics
  • Diet
  • Stress
  • Sun exposure
  • Various lifestyle elements

Younger individuals seeking advice on perceived "eye bags" may, in fact, be dealing with a "Negative Vector Orbit."

This condition arises from an under-formed cheekbone beneath the eye, creating a prominent eye appearance with protruding eyeballs and the normal fat of the lower eyelid casting shadows, resulting in dark circles.

Correcting Tear Troughs: You Have Options

To address tear trough deformities effectively, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa employs a variety of advanced methods.

Restylane® Hyaluronic Acid Filler

  • Our preferred under-eye filler, Restylane, harnesses the power of hyaluronic acid—a substance naturally present in the body.
  • Administered in a single office visit, Restylane is injected into tear trough hollows, lifting the indented area and making a noticeable yet natural-looking improvement. Results can last up to one year.

Fat Grafting

  • Fat grafting is employed to make a longer-lasting correction of under-eye hollowing and bags.
  • Through micro-liposuction, fat is extracted from areas such as the stomach or thighs, purified, and injected into the tear trough area, restoring the gentle curve.

Tear Trough Implant

  • In cases of severe hollowing or a negative vector orbit, the Tear Trough Implant offers a reliable and permanent solution.
  • Surgically placed beneath the lower eyelid and secured to the cheekbone, this implant provides a structural lift, reducing hollows and dark circles.

When to Consider Tear Trough Surgery

If you're over 20 years old and bothered by a pronounced tear trough deformity, you're a potential candidate for tear trough correction. At your consultation, your surgeon will take time to listen to your aesthetic goals and develop a custom treatment plan to ensure you achieve them.

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Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa: The Informed Choice

  • Expertise: Our award-winning surgeons specialize in identifying the root cause of under-eye hollowing, ensuring a tailored treatment plan.
  • Safety and Effectiveness: We offer a range of safe and effective tear trough correction options, delivering results that meet your unique needs.
  • Luxury Treatment: The delicate nature of the eye area demands certified and experienced professionals, and at Changes, we prioritize your safety and satisfaction.
  • Friendly Support: Throughout your journey, our friendly and expert team members are ready to address any questions or concerns you may have.

Elevating Your Facial Aesthetics Together

Contact Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa today at (858) 264-3800 to schedule your consultation. Rely on our premier team to explore how tear trough correction can give you a more youthful and rested appearance. Don't let under-eye concerns hold you back. A more confident, illuminated version of you is within reach.

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