A Pinnacle in Long-Lasting Wrinkle Solutions

Renowned for its efficacy and longevity, Bellafill® stands as a remarkable dual-acting wrinkle filler, addressing deep lines and wrinkles with results that endure up to an incredible five years. As the sole, soft tissue filler engineered for prolonged performance, Bellafill® offers a distinctive solution for those seeking sustained wrinkle correction without the frequent upkeep associated with temporary fillers or the pain and downtime of a surgical procedure.

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The Bellafill® Experience: Enhanced Volume and Wrinkle Correction

Bellafill® excels not only in its enduring wrinkle correction but also as our preferred treatment for replenishing lost facial volume. After the age of 40, the human face typically loses a teaspoon of fat per year, contributing to visible signs of aging.

Bellafill® ingeniously counteracts this volume loss, providing immediate satisfaction alongside incredibly long-lasting results. When injected into the deep layers of the skin beneath wrinkles, Bellafill®'s collagen works harmoniously to visibly correct the targeted areas. While the body gradually absorbs the collagen over time, the microspheres persist, offering enduring support for natural-looking and long-lasting wrinkle correction.

Bellafill - The Long-Lasting Wrinkle Solution

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A Tailored Approach with Bellafill®

Before embarking on the Bellafill® journey, a collagen skin test is recommended to identify any potential allergic reactions. If no reactions manifest within approximately four weeks, you are deemed a suitable candidate for Bellafill®, and the treatment can be safely initiated. 

This meticulous, safety-first approach ensures the safety and satisfaction of each patient, aligning with the personalized care ethos at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa.

A Genuine Breakthrough in Acne Scar Treatment

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa heralds a groundbreaking solution for deep and unsightly acne scarring with Bellafill®. Recently, the FDA approved the treatment of moderate to severe acne scarring on the cheeks. Bellafill® is specifically indicated for "rolling" acne scars.

While it may not address icepick scarring or boxcar scars, this injectable marvel provides a remarkable remedy for eligible candidates. To determine the treatability of a scar, a simple test involving stretching the surrounding skin can be conducted. If the scar flattens with tension, it can potentially benefit from Bellafill®.

At your personalized consultation, our award-winning surgical team will ensure you get all your questions answered, and you receive a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your specific aesthetic goals.

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The Seamless Acne Scar Treatment Process

The Bellafill® acne scar treatment is a straightforward and effective process. Commencing with a small injection of lidocaine to numb the scar's surroundings and minimize discomfort, one or more Bellafill® injections are then strategically placed beneath the skin's surface.

A gentle massage from your injector may follow immediately after the injection to optimize the treatment's effectiveness. While some redness and bruising may occur at the injection site, these effects are transient and part of the body's natural response to the treatment.

Visit Changes to Indulge in Total Luxury

At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, the Bellafill® experience transcends the ordinary, offering a symphony of facial rejuvenation and renewed confidence. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the procedure, encompassing the entire patient journey. From the initial consultation to the post-treatment glow, our gold-star surgical team ensures the highest standards of care and satisfaction.

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Discover Your Aesthetic Transformation

Elevate your MedSpa experience with Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, where we go beyond expectations to provide comprehensive solutions for facial rejuvenation and scar correction. Among our distinguished offerings is Bellafill®, a powerful and popular treatment. However, the journey to your aesthetic goals doesn't stop here – explore the full spectrum of possibilities with our diverse range of injectables, each carefully curated to enhance your natural beauty.

We ensure we always have the hottest MedSpa treatments at your fingertips, including:

  • BOTOX®
  • Radiesse®
  • The Restylane Collection®
  • The Juvéderm Collection®
  • Sculptra®
  • Kybella®
  • And more!

Your Bellafill® Journey at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa

Immerse yourself in the world of Bellafill® at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, where luxury, innovation, and timeless beauty converge. Discover the transformative possibilities that await you by contacting us online today.

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