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Michael T. Rossi MD

Meet Dr. Michael Rossi, an esteemed plastic surgeon and expert in mommy makeovers, renowned across Southern California for his top-tier plastic surgery services. Driven by a passion to elevate patients' confidence through natural refinement, Dr. Rossi joined the Changes team in 2020.

He specializes in customized, natural-looking breast, body, and facial surgical results. His concierge-style service sets him apart, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience for each patient.

The Art and Science of Aesthetic Excellence

With training from top institutions across the nation and a background in fitness, nutrition, and fashion, Dr. Rossi seamlessly blends artistic flair with scientific expertise. His ability to deliver consistently gorgeous results for individuals of all ages and body types reflects his commitment to serving his patients. Patients benefit not only from his surgical skills but also from his compassion, attention to detail, and the unique mind-body balance he strives to create.

Beyond Surgery: Nurturing Beauty Inside Out

Dedicated to holistic well-being, Dr. Rossi emphasizes nutrition, health, and physical fitness. Beyond surgery, he goes the extra mile, helping patients maintain their stunning results through tailored diet and exercise plans. Understanding the integral role of "feeling beautiful," Dr. Rossi is committed to helping his patients establish true mind-body balance.

Journey to Ongoing Excellence: Education and Training

Born in Chicago and educated at the University of Illinois, Dr. Rossi's journey to excellence in plastic surgery took shape during six years of general surgery training. Recognizing his innate qualities—outgoing personality, attention to detail, and advanced surgical skills—he pursued additional plastic surgery residency at the University of Texas. World-class training at renowned institutions such as MD Anderson Cancer Center and Memorial Hermann Medical Center honed his expertise.

Southern California's Finest: A Personal and Professional Fit

Choosing San Diego as his base, Dr. Rossi and his beautiful family found an ideal location to thrive. Actively engaged in the community and supporting philanthropic causes, they have become integral members of their beloved community. Dr. Rossi's stellar reputation stems not just from his surgical prowess but also from his compassionate approach, creating a flawless patient experience every time.

A Trusted Artisan: Patient-Centric Philosophy

For Dr. Rossi, earning a patient's trust is a privilege he takes seriously. His genuine passion for positively affecting lives has drawn individuals from across the country to seek out his services. With undeniably unique qualities in the field, Dr. Rossi listens intently, cares deeply, and remains committed to making a lasting impact on the lives of those he serves.

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Dr. Rossi's Patients Speak: Read the Reviews

Some people make your DAY better, some people make your LIFE better, and Dr. Rossi has the unmatched ability to do both. I follow Dr. Rossi on social media, and after seeing his amazing “mommy makeover” results time and time again, I made the hard decision to travel halfway across the country to have him revamp my post-baby body, and I could not be happier with the life-changing results.

First things first, his bedside manner - Dr. Rossi is so warm, friendly and easy to talk to, and truly seemed to listen attentively to every question and concern I had (and I was pretty anxious about going through this, so I had a lot of questions and concerns!). His confidence is almost contagious, and I truly felt so at ease after my pre-op appointment where he discussed everything in detail that was on “the agenda”for the following day. Something else that I think set Dr. Rossi apart is that he was so REALISTIC and HONEST about the results I could expect, noting that I may still have a little lax skin on my inner thighs after my procedure, which I think speaks to his integrity as a person and a surgeon (and the very BEST part? I actually do NOT have ANY loose skin because he is the freaking best at what he does!).

Nothing major to note about surgery day other than a smooth and seamless experience for me (and in a beautiful building overlooking the ocean!). I would like to mention that my anesthesiologist was also incredibly comforting and he really put me at ease too (but I don’t remember his name).

Dr. Rossi seems very busy professionally (he books out months in advance) and personally too (he has 3 small kids) so I felt a little bad reaching out to him with post-op questions because I knew he was on vacation with his precious family, and you know what? He answered each of my texts IMMEDIATELY every.single.time, without making me feel like a bother at all, and I think this speaks volumes to the kind of surgeon Dr. Rossi is - so, so caring!

Most importantly, results? Honestly, UNBELIEVABLE. I am almost 5 weeks out and my incisions are barely visible (which I didn’t even know was possible!?) and I am seeing glimpses of my new, pre-baby-looking body, and it is truly incredible! (For reference, I had a diastasis and hernia repaired, excess stomach skin removed, liposuction and bodytite, a breast lift and fat transfer to my breasts - everything looks phenomenal!!) His artistic eye, attention to detail, commitment to doing things the right way (even if it takes twice as long), and precision are evident. Dr. Rossi is truly one-of-a-kind, he pours all of himself into his work, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding surgeon.

(One final honorable mention goes out to his medical assistant, Melissa, who was amazing throughout the entire process as well. She was so kind, knowledgeable, and friendly, and it was so nice to see her smiling face at each appointment. He really seems to have the best team!)

First, let me start off by saying this may be the third review I've ever left in my life. I'm compelled to write one because not only is Dr. Rossi an amazing surgeon and person, my results are far beyond my expectations!! I was referred to Dr. Rossi by a friend, after she knew I had already received several consultations in Scottsdale, Arizona, where I live. She asked me to please just come and see him, that he was amazing! I had already decided on a surgeon in Arizona, but I said I would go anyways.

From the moment the consultation started, I knew there was something different and unique about Dr. Rossi. He has such a unique approach, one that no one else had spoken to me about. His attention to detail is impeccable and he truly treats each patient individually, there is not a one size fits all with him! By the time we were done, the decision was made, I wanted Dr. Rossi to be my surgeon for a full mommy makeover, lift, implants, tummy, and lipo. My husband met Dr. Rossi the day before my surgery.

My husband thought I was crazy for going to San Diego for surgery. After we all met, I asked my husband what he thought, and he said, "I love him, I want him to do something to me!! I am so happy he is doing your surgery and I feel so comfortable with him." (Surgery FREAKS my husband out!!). My results are amazing-like Dr. Rossi told me, trust in the process and I have never questioned that. At any time during the entire process, Dr. Rossi was always available to answer ANY questions I had! As time goes on, it just looks better and better!! I would highly recommend Dr. Rossi to anyone, believe me, he is the best!!!

I'm a mother of a sweet little 5-year-old boy. When he turned 1, I realized my body wasn't like it used to be so I vowed to myself that I would get in the best shape of my life, and I did.

I worked out consistently and learned about nutrition. I finally had the body I always dreamed of, except my breasts did not match my body. I could work out any body part to get it how I wanted, except my chest. I didn't feel proportionate, and it felt like an aspect of my femininity was gone.

I finally took the jump to start the process of learning more about breast augmentation. I went to 5 previous consults until visiting Dr. Rossi. His consult was very different than any other consult I've been to. He wanted to know about me and who I was. He then gave me the opportunity to learn who he was as a person. This was such a great experience as I'm trusting my body in the hands of a stranger, so it allowed me to trust Dr. Rossi completely as he got to know me and essentially earned my trust.

After we got to know one another, he THEN examined me and told me about his vision for my procedure and it was exactly what I wanted. It was like he entered my brain and extracted the exact vision I've been dreaming of for years.

I knew at that moment that he was my guy :)

From there I scheduled my procedure and the flow from scheduling to post-ops were in alignment. Everything went seamlessly and perfectly. I couldn't be happier with my results. I genuinely loved everyone I came in contact with at his office. They truly care about their patients and make them feel welcomed, loved, and most importantly, like family.

I wish there were 100 stars because that's how many Dr. Rossi deserves. I'm so so so happy with my results and they are natural and fit my frame PERFECTLY! I would do this surgery a million times again if I got this result every time.

As a medical clinical specialist myself, I spend a CONSIDERABLE amount of time with physicians. Dr. Rossi is honestly one of the most considerate and empathic physicians I have ever come across. These attributes, along with his surgical precision, artistic eye, and progressive nature made choosing him to do preform my breast lift, implant revision and liposuction one of the easiest decisions I have made in a long time. My only regret is that I did not find him and have my surgery done sooner.

Should you choose to schedule a consult with Dr. Rossi, you will find him to be incredibly thorough about your wishes and expectations. One of the most outstanding (and unique) qualities is that he really looks at YOU and your whole body. He explained to me that he spends hours the evening prior to your surgery carefully studying your "before" photos and countless measurements taken to create and visualize your entire surgical procedure and outcome. That is not just a fantastic surgeon, but a true artist.

I could go on and on, but I will summarize by saying that I am EXTRAORDINARILY thrilled with the results. I have not felt this comfortable and confident in my own skin since my early 20's. Oh - one more thing! I traveled from CO to have Dr. Rossi do my consult, pre-op, surgery, and post-ops. He is worth the distance!

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