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At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, we’re proud to offer a wide range of chemical peels that offer a transformative solution to resurface your skin and unveil a more radiant complexion. These treatments cater to many skin concerns, ensuring that you will find a customized approach to meet your unique needs. Our award-winning surgical staff and MedSpa team make Changes the top-rated San Diego facial rejuvenation destination. Visit us in our beautiful beachside offices to experience the difference.

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Effective Solutions for Diverse Skin Concerns

To best serve our esteemed patients, we offer a wide range of medical-grade chemical peels, from light to aggressive. During your consultation, we’ll work with you to determine the best peel for you. To get a sense of your options, here’s a brief rundown of the types of peels we offer:

Light Peels

We proudly offer Jessner, Malic, Salicylic, Lactic, Glycolic peels, and Epionces refresher peels. These focus on improving skin texture and addressing uneven pigmentation.

  • Jessner’s Peels can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeks, offering a gradual and practical approach to skin enhancement. Lasting only an hour, they are typically well tolerated by even those with sensitive skin.

Deep Peels

For more intensive skin rejuvenation, our experienced plastic surgery team, led by Dr. Gabriel Lee and Dr. Michael Rossi, performs our deep peels. These deep peels aggressively treat coarse skin texture, facial wrinkles, pre-cancerous growths, and sun damage while stimulating collagen formation for skin tightening.

Medium Peels

These are suitable for all skin types and penetrate the skin at a medium depth to tackle pigmentation issues and fine lines. This peel strikes a balance between effectiveness and minimal downtime. To this end, we’re proud to offer Vi Peels and ZO 3-Step Peel.

  • The VI Peel is a medium-strength, medical-grade chemical peel. This in-office treatment minimizes signs of sun damage and aging, including fine lines, wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin texture and tone. The formula contains a proprietary blend of active ingredients, including salicylic acid, trichloroacetic acid (TCA), phenol, vitamin C, and retinoic acid. The combination can deliver dramatic results more quickly than chemical peels that include only one of these ingredients, with less downtime than deeper peels. We’re excited to offer the VI Original, VI Purify, VI Precision Plus, VI Purify with Precision Plus, and IV Body.
  • The ZO 3-Step peel is a highly effective medium-strength peel that treats acne, hyperpigmentation, dull skin, and large pores. It’s a synergistic blend of salicylic, lactic, and Trichloroacetic acid.
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The Chemical Peel Procedure

The chemical peel process involves the application of an acid solution to remove damaged skin layers. 

In this procedure, hydroxyl acids (AHA), TCA, or phenol acid are applied to the skin, and the reaction is closely monitored. The chemical agent is then neutralized to halt its action. The type and strength of the peel are chosen based on your skin type, concerns, and desired outcome.

Recovery Period

  • Light Peels: Minimal downtime is associated with light peels like the Jessner's Peel. Some patients may not experience significant peeling, but cellular exfoliation occurs. Repeated treatments may be recommended.
  • Medium Peels: Redness, stinging, and itching are common side effects associated with medium-depth peels. These effects are generally manageable, and patients can resume their routine with caution.
  • Deep Peels: TCA and phenol peels result in significant skin peeling, swelling, and potential oozing. Adequate post-treatment care is essential, including prescribed anti-viral medications, vinegar, and water soaks, and recommended post-peel products. Sun protection is crucial during the healing period. It’s worth noting that deep peels can attain impressive results, but they must be approached with the seriousness and care of more invasive procedures, even though they are technically a non-invasive intervention.

Your Changes doctor will always take time to ensure you fully understand your chosen procedure and the after-care requirements. Our philosophy is that we’re here to work with you as a team – we want you to unleash a more radiant, confident, and naturally beautiful version of yourself. With a strong emphasis on safety, we ensure optimal results.

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Tailored Chemical Peel Options

At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, we also offer specialized chemical peels to address specific skin concerns that require minimal downtime:

Refresh Peel

A light treatment using Epionce botanical agents that relieves congestion, dullness, and sallowness. With no downtime, it provides better skin clarity and radiance for patients seeking a quick rejuvenating treatment.

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Malic Peel

This peel reduces surface bacteria and enhances hydration for hyperpigmented and aging skin. Minimal exfoliation with minor flaking and redness is expected post-peel. Remember, sun care is extra-vital during the recovery period.

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Jessner's Peel

This chemical exfoliation treatment improves skin texture, absorbs topical treatments more readily, and lifts superficial sun damage. It requires no pre-medication and is easily tolerated.

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Schedule a Consultation for a Custom Treatment Plan

We’re truly excited to share the transformative power of chemical peels at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa with you. You can be sure our dedicated team will ensure beautiful results and a luxurious skincare experience. So why delay? Reveal a more vibrant and youthful version of yourself with our customized chemical peel solutions. Schedule your consultation by contacting us online for personalized, professional skincare guidance.

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