Dr. Rossi is known as an artist and an innovator in the field of aesthetic plastic surgery and is always striving to create long-lasting gorgeous results for his patients that effectively address their concerns and body goals. At the start of his surgical practice years ago, he was unhappy with the “standard breast lift” results most surgeons were creating and was consistently seeing unhappy patients in his office coming to him from other practices where they did not feel their breast goals were adequately met. Using his in-depth knowledge of breast anatomy and new age artistic vision, Dr. Rossi was able to create a new version of a mastopexy or “breast lift” for patients seeking perkier and more youthful breasts but desiring to avoid using a silicone or saline breast implant to create their desired look. This novel procedure has been a game changer in the field of plastic surgery and word has spread quickly resulting in patients from all over the country flying to sunny San Diego for this unique style of operation.

Operative Details:
For women seeking breast reduction, or breast lift surgery who desire more symmetric breast shape and size, improved nipple/areolar size and position, balanced cleavage, rounder, perkier breasts, and breasts that don’t look like a similar version of their previous droopy breasts, this procedure has proven to be a game changer. Dr. Rossi deconstructs your native breast tissue, rebuilds it through specialized and unique carving and suturing techniques into the shape of a “breast implant” and secures it in a manner that it is positioned and projects, so it appears like an actual breast implant. He then uses a resorbable mesh at the base of the breast tissue and secures it as an internal bra to hold your tissue in the perky position long term. The mesh dissolves over the span of 2 years which allows the breasts to heal into the more lifted position he creates during surgery. This method also holds tension off the suture lines resulting in better overall scarring for his patients.

For patients desiring smaller lifted breasts: Dr. Rossi removes a specific amount of excess breast tissue lateral and inferior on your breasts to create symmetry, enhanced shape, and the desired size for his patients.

For patients desiring larger breasts: Dr. Rossi can perform liposuction of surrounding tissues (bra line, abdomen, hips, thighs) and process your fat in a very specialized way before re-injecting it into your breasts AFTER performing his “autologous implant” breast lift to enhance upper and medial breast size, shape, and symmetry. Fat transfer to the breasts is a great option to further enhance a woman’s cleavage and improve perkiness or increase size up to one full cup size.

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