Why Women Get Lip Injections

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Research shows that men are most drawn to women’s mouths, especially when they’re wearing lipstick—more so than any other facial feature. The lips are also the way that the human brain distinguishes between men and women. Other studies have shown that lip size in women is the key to sexual attraction and that women with fuller lips tend to be very popular.

There’s no question why women have the impulse to emphasize their lips. It’s part of our culture, and part of being human! Women know that the fullness, shape, smoothness, and softness of their lips matters. Here are some of the specific reasons women give for seeking out lip injections.

Too Thin, Too Small

Many women simply feel their lips are too small, or too thin. They want to make them more appealing, or more of an attention grabber on their face. They might feel that their lips are out of balance compared to their other features, too. Or, in some cases they may really love their smile and want to emphasize it, even more, taking a good feature to an amazing level.

Wrong Shape

Often women seek out lip injections to change the shape of their lips. Maybe they feel that one lip is far too different than the other, or that both lips seem very flat. Adding curves and roundness is well within the possibilities with lip augmentation, and lip liner and lipstick are imperfect fixes that neither last nor work as well as anyone would like them to.

Wanting a Sexier, Younger Look

Perhaps the most common reason women want to try lip injections is natural when you think about it. As we age, our lips thin out naturally. We develop wrinkles above our mouths, and this can make our lips look puckered and cause lipstick to bleed. Many women really just want what they had before! They opt for lip injections because they want to smooth out their lips and get more fullness. They want to look younger and sexier, so they want to erase a few lines and achieve some youthful plumpness.

Status Symbol

For generations past, plastic surgery was a kind of embarrassing secret, but thankfully today’s society has realized how silly it is to force people to hide their cosmetic choices. Many women see their ability to decide what they want to look like and choose which tools they’ll use to achieve their look as empowering. For younger generations, in particular, plastic surgery is a kind of status symbol, a physical display of the wealth you have to spend on your appearance—or at least a symbol of how hard you work to stay attractive. It’s also a calling card of the rich and famous all over the world, so why not?


The bottom line is, there is no wrong reason for seeking out lip injections so long as it is the informed choice of a woman who wants it. All women have the right to decide what’s best for them, and how they want to shape their own decisions. For many women today, lip augmentation gives them that extra boost of confidence they want as they put their best face forward, and it does that in well under an hour without pain. That’s an easy decision to understand.

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