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Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa of San Diego is now offering incisionless surgery and skin tightening. Using targeted radiofrequency, patients can now opt to have a number of traditional plastic surgery procedures performed without incisions and without scars. Incisionless options are now available for Brachioplasty (arm lift), neck lift or facelift and even breast and thigh lift – without surgical incisions.

How Does Incisionless Surgery and Skin Tightening Work?

  • Incisionless surgery and skin tightening utilize the InMode™ RFAL system.

  • During the procedure, controlled thermal fields are used to create an electric current flowing between an internal cannula (thin tube) and the external electrode.

  • The thermal field coagulates subcutaneous fat and heats fibrous septa and papillary dermis, resulting in significant contraction of collagen.

Where Can Incisionless Skin Tightening Be Performed?

  • Incisionless surgery can be performed on the face, neck, abdominal area, flanks, bra-line, upper arms, and thigh for effective skin tightening.

  • The procedure has been shown to help minimize jowls, sagging neck skin, bat wings (upper arm skin laxity), reduce tummy rolls and to reduce skin draping of the thighs.

What Types of Incisionless Surgery and Skin Tightening Does Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa Offer?

  • FaceTite

    • This procedure is designed to help improve face and neck skin laxity.

    • The results of FaceTite often appear more natural than those of a traditional facelift or neck lift.

    • Facelift scars are completely eliminated.

  • BodyTite

    •  This procedure helps patients eliminate sagging skin along the upper arms and excess skin along the bra-line.

    •  It also can help patients minimize abdominal skin laxity and draping skin on the thighs.

Why Should You Choose Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa for Incisionless Surgery and Skin Tightening?

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa is the first plastic surgery practice to offer incisionless surgery and skin tightening in the San Diego area.

    • Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

    • Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa possesses a comprehensive experience with incisionless surgery and skin tightening.

    • Dr. Lee is an InMode Luminary instructor and teaches other physicians how to sculpt the face and body by using the incisionless surgery technique.

    • Proven Results

    • Clinical results of incisionless skin tightening show a 36.4 percent contraction in the skin’s surface and skin tightening that increases over the course of one year after the initial procedure.

    • Incisionless surgery is a viable option for traditional plastic surgery without scars. First Plastic Surgery clinic in San Diego to offer Incisionless Skin Tightening

To learn more about incisionless plastic surgery and skin tightening, please contact Changes Center for Incisionless Surgery at 858-720-1440 or contact us below.

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