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If you are considering breast augmentation so that you can achieve fuller, larger and perkier breasts, then you may be wondering which type of breast augmentation treatment is right for you. There are a number of different options to choose from, including one of the newest and most revolutionary types of implants – the IDEAL IMPLANT® which enables patients to enjoy a natural feel and youthful appearance to their breasts without using a silicone gel implant.

IDEAL IMPLANT is a structured breast implant that uses the very latest, cutting-edge implant technology. With 10 years of development, testing and refinement behind it, including the contributions of clinical expertise from many Board-Certified plastic surgeons.

The design comprises of a series of implant shells that are nested together and two separate chambers that hold the saline. Whilst it is made with the standard implant materials, its advanced internal structure controls the movement of the saline and supports the edges of the implant in order to reduce collapse and wrinkling. This is believed to be an integral element in the prevention of rupturing.

What are the advantages associated with choosing IDEAL IMPLANT?

The IDEAL IMPLANT has been developed with a number of distinct advantages in mind. These include:

  • No worry about ‘silent rupturing’ which is a major concern for patients with silicone implants, since they will not know if their implant may have ruptured.
  • You can assess the condition of your implants simply by looking in the mirror to ensure that they are intact. This enables patients to avoid costly MRIs which can be needed to detect any ruptures.
  • A significantly lower rupture rate and higher rupture strength than other implants.
  • If rupture were to occur, saline can be safely absorbed by the body without any ill effects.
  • Insertion requires a smaller incision than is needed for silicone implants.
  • No rippling as is often seen in saline implants.
  • Mitigation of the ‘sloshing’ effect that can occur in other saline implants.
  • A youthful shape and incredibly natural feel.
  • They are easy to remove should you want or need to.
  • Higher success rate than other implants.
  • A solution that is only available through a network of approved providers.
  • Peace of mind that your implants are both extremely safe and look and feel amazing.

If you are looking for breast augmentation surgery in San Diego, CA to enhance the shape, size and overall appearance of your breasts, IDEAL IMPLANT offers patients one of the safest, most successful and most natural solutions. To discover more about this popular option for breast augmentation, please contact Changes Plastic Surgery, where our team is happy to help and/or to schedule you a consultation.

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