What Are Some Post-op Mommy Makeover Must-haves?

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After a mommy makeover procedure, you may expect more than just a fresh wardrobe and glowing self-confidence—although those are undoubtedly among the most delightful improvements to anticipate. Before you can completely appreciate your new body, you will need to get through your mommy makeover's recovery and healing phases.

Mommy makeovers are intricate plastic surgery procedures requiring substantial preoperative and postoperative planning. A complete mommy makeover checklist prepared from the beginning can ensure no significant aspects of the planning, process, or recovery are overlooked. Your plastic surgeon will go through the mommy makeover must-haves with you during your initial consultation appointment to get you started on your journey to a new body.

What Is a Mommy Makeover?


It is essential to understand a few basic details about the treatment, such as what it is and how it functions. Understanding these before delving into the nuances of mommy makeover recovery will help you prepare better. Unlike other procedures, a mommy makeover is a customizable operation that enables patients to select specific procedures and treatments that best suit their needs.



Also known as a tummy tuck, it is seen by most patients as a crucial component of a mommy makeover. Your abdominal look may suffer from pregnancy, leading to sagging muscles and loose skin. An essential item to think about is including a tummy tuck on your list.

Breast Surgery


It includes three main procedures: breast augmentation, breast lift, and breast reduction. Depending on whether your breasts have shrunk or grown larger after giving birth, your plastic surgeon may advise one or both procedures as essential mommy makeover procedures.

Lower Body Lift


After pregnancy, loose skin and resistant cellulite can emerge on the thighs and buttocks. If your surgeon decides you are a good candidate, they might add lower body lift treatments to your mommy makeover checklist.



It is often regarded as one of the essential mommy makeover must-haves. It is a relatively minimally invasive body sculpting procedure. You can remove undesirable fat deposits in your body with liposuction. It will help you regain a leaner, more toned appearance.

The Must-haves Post Surgery


Compression Garments


Following many different forms of plastic surgery, compression garments are frequently advised to help avoid infection and keep tissues together. Wear only surgical bras or other compression apparel of the highest medical quality. Have a booty pillow if you get a Brazilian butt lift.

First-aid Equipment


After surgery, you will have to take care of the incision and the wound. So, make sure you stock up on bandages, gauze, sponges, and dressings. You can get a list of suggestions from your plastic surgeon.

Post-operative Bra


Following a mommy makeover, you will want to support your tender breasts as they heal and recover. To do that, buy a post-procedure bra and ensure it is free of any wires that could pierce your skin. This is important as post-procedure numbness can prevent you from knowing it is happening.

Soft material

You'll feel more comfortable if the bra is more delicate. Avoid using stiff, difficult fabrics. Choose flexible, high-cotton outfits instead. Select a bra with bands and clasp for maximum adjustability. Choose a front-close bra to avoid bending or twisting.


For more post-op mommy makeover must-haves, contact Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego at 858-264-3800 to discuss any questions.



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