What are Miracu Threads?

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If you are concerned that you look older than you really are, you might be beginning to think about treatments to help counteract the natural aging process – and you wouldn’t be alone. Every year, countless patients explore cosmetic products and treatments to try and turn back the clock. One of the newest anti-aging solutions currently available is Miracu threads. Here’s what you need to know about this innovative treatment.


What are Miracu threads?


Miracu Polydioxanone threads, better known as Miracu PDO threads, are super-fine, medical-grade sutures that have been approved by the FDA for use in a fairly new type of cosmetic surgery procedure called a ‘thread lift’.


A thread lift works as its name suggests – by using threads that are passed under the surface of the skin to lift and tighten the facial tissues. The process to place these threads is minimally-invasive, with just a special needle being used to insert them just below the skin. The Miracu needle has the same outer diameter as a conventional need, but a larger inner diameter that makes it more flexible. This is advantageous since this flexibility means that there is less trauma to the facial tissues, resulting in less pain and bruising than you might otherwise experience. There is no real downtime and patients can get back to their usual activities pretty much right away.


Miracu threads can be placed into multiple areas of the face, including the forehead, around the eyes and in the lower half of the face. As each thread is inserted it passes through the tissues until the end point, where it is then pulled to create the desired effect before it is secured. It’s not unusual for patients to have up to 20 different threads inserted as part of their Miracu procedure. Once they are all in place, your technician will massage your face to make sure that all of the threads lay flat and that there is no puckering or dimpling.  


One of the many benefits of Miracu PDO threads is that they do not need to be removed at a later date. Instead, they gradually break down and are safely absorbed by the body after around six months following treatment. A Miracu thread lift produces lifting and firming effects that typically last around 12 months before further treatment is needed to maintain them.


Types of Miracu thread


There are several different types of Miracu thread available. Which is right for you will depend on the extent of support you need in order to achieve the smoother, tighter skin that you are looking for and your provider will be able to advise you which to consider. The different types are:

  • Mono threads, which are smooth and anchored to a point on the scalp or face depending on where they are placed.

  • Cog threads, which have tiny barbs that hook into the skin so provide the tension needed for the treatment to be successful.

  • Screw threads, which have several intertwined threads around the needle to secure them.


In addition to these different types, there are also different lengths and diameters of thread to choose from.


Will my new appearance look unnatural?


Many patients are likely to avoid the harsh and sometimes unnatural improvements that can be achieved using more invasive cosmetic procedures such as facelift surgery. The effects of a Miracu thread lift are much more subtle, helping you to look fresher and younger without it being obvious that you have undergone treatment to help you achieve this.

Am I a good candidate for a Miracu thread lift?


The minimally-invasive nature of Miracu thread lifts mean that they are suitable for a wide range of different patients. However, in order to achieve the best results, thread lifts are more often recommended for patients who are fairly young, such as those in their 30s and 40s, who are just starting to experience some loss of elasticity in their skin and do not yet have considerable sagging.


If you would like more information about Miracu threads, or to schedule a consultation, please call our plastic surgery center in San Diego at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa today at (858) 264-3800.

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