Tips to Improve Your Tummy Tuck Recovery

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A tummy tuck is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures. The American Society of Plastic Surgeons suggests that it is one of the most common aesthetic procedures performed for women and men yearly. However, understanding the timeline and recovery process can make treatment easier for many patients. 

Tummy Tuck Recovery Times Vary


Recovering from a tummy tuck does not have a specific time frame. Like all other surgical procedures, it provides a general timeline, but patient recovery depends on various factors, such as:

  • Post-surgery care.

  • Age.

  • Type of tummy tuck performed.

  • General health.

Your board certified plastic surgeon at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa will discuss a specific recovery time frame following the procedure. Generally, most patients begin feeling more normal after around two months. However, you can take the following steps to improve your recovery:

Choose a Qualified, Experienced Plastic Surgeon


The last thing you want is to let an inexperienced plastic surgeon perform your operation. Imagine realizing that something is off when it is too late for you to back out, ending up with terrible results. You do not want a prominent scar due to poor stitching or a tummy bulging due to incomplete skin removal. 

The decision to get a tummy tuck is not something to take lightly. The most critical aspect of that decision is your plastic surgeon. There are many skilled plastic surgeons out there. Unfortunately, not all of them take the time to understand your specific goals. 

Choose a plastic surgeon like Dr. Lee or Dr. Rossi who will give you the desired results. Your plastic surgeon should have an innate eye for technical mastery and aesthetics in body contouring. Having such a plastic surgeon will improve your recovery and help you achieve the best results.

Do Not Sit Around Too Much


You may need help getting up and around for the first few days. But that should not give you a license to spend all day sitting. Moving around will get your muscles moving and prevent clot formation in your legs. 

It would be best to avoid prolonged standing, walking for too long, and heavy lifting for the first week. Try pumping your legs hourly while lying in bed or sitting down. The most important thing is to move around in a manner that is comfortable for you. 

Eat a Well-balanced and Healthy Diet


You want to recover as quickly as possible after your tummy tuck. Eating plenty of nutritious foods will help with that. Go for protein-rich foods like chicken and salmon, and add some healthy fat to help your skin recover and heal properly. 

Adjust Your Sleeping Position


Sleep in an inclined position to reduce stress and pressure on your abdominal area. It would help to use large pillows to support your body. They will also help you maintain the proper sleeping position.

Wear Recommended Garments


You will experience swelling around your abdomen for weeks after your procedure. Plastic surgeons recommend compression garments like a binder or girdle to support healing. These garments will also help manage your swelling and help with skin redraping.

Stay Hydrated


It would help if you drank plenty of water after your treatment to flush out toxins from your body. Staying hydrated will reduce the risk of post-op complications. It is best to adopt the routine of drinking water throughout the day to support recovery and prevent dehydration.



Remember that the best recovery and outcomes result from making well-informed decisions. The more questions you ask, the more you will feel confident and comfortable in your procedure choice. 


For more on the best tummy tuck in San Diego, call Changes Plastic Surgery & at 858-264-3800 to schedule a consultation.

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