Three Facets of Facial Rejuvenation. Anti-aging at Changes Plastic Surgery San Diego

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ant to shine like a star? Dazzle like a diamond? Dr. Gilbert Lee, a board-certified plastic surgeon at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, discusses three facets of facial rejuvenation that are essential to a successful, natural-appearing outcome.

Back in the day, when one's looks were fading, a trip to the plastic surgeon fixed everything.   Out came the scalpel because of course, darling, the only solution was to cut, stretch and tighten the sagging skin.   After days of hiding behind bandages (and the public!), the results were”¦ well, stretched skin over bone.   Remember Phyllis Diller, Joan Rivers, Carol Burnett, to name a few?

We’ve come a long way, Baby.

Facial rejuvenation begins with volume.   We may not appreciate the fat we store in our bodies until it is depleted from the face.   Loss of facial fat results in hollowing of the upper and lower lids, sunken cheeks and temples, thinning of the lips, and fine lines around the mouth.   Fat loss can also be seen in the forehead and globally throughout the face.   So step one in a balanced rejuvenation is restoration of lost facial volume with fat grafting, injectable fillers or biostimulators such as Sculptra.

Secondly, aging leads to sagging skin and tissues. No amount of topical creams or non-surgical tightening systems can remove excess skin in an aging face. Surgical procedures such as the Changes Rapid Lift will re-suspend sagging tissues, remove excess skin from the face and neck, re-define the jaw line, and improve the appearance of the nasolabial folds.

Finally, like a diamond in the rough, after properly cutting the facets, polishing the stone is the last step. After restoring facial fat loss and lifting the sagging tissues, improving the skin tone and texture is next.   Lasers like the Total FX system and Fraxel are fractional lasers which improve skin tone and texture without a lot of downtime. Our other lasers can be used to treat broken blood vessels. Polishing the skin with laser restores a more youthful glow with fewer lines, smaller pores and more luminous texture.

Just like color, cut and clarity determine the value of a diamond, successful facial rejuvenation depends on three facets; filling, lifting and polishing. With this approach, young lady, you’ll be positively dazzling!

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