The Role of Diet and Exercise in Maintaining Tummy Tuck Results

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Most people find it hard to keep their midsection slim. Individuals who have lost or gained significant weight often find their abdomens have changed shape. Pregnancy can also affect the appearance of the tummy. Unfortunately, diet and exercise are ineffective for creating a flat abdomen or dealing with stretched skin. A tummy tuck can produce the desired results. 


Getting a Tummy Tuck


Patients who fail to achieve the desired results with diet and exercise can benefit from a tummy tuck. A tummy tuck is a plastic surgery procedure that can restore the body’s tone and youthful appearance. 

Also known as abdominoplasty, it involves tightening the abdominal muscles and the removal of excess skin. This results in a flatter tummy and a more contoured overall appearance. Surgeons create a personalized surgical plan for each patient to achieve the desired results. 


Who Can Get a Tummy Tuck?


Both men and women can benefit from abdominoplasty. A tummy tuck can allow individuals to feel more comfortable with their appearance, and it can help increase their confidence. A more contoured appearance with a flat abdomen can create an aesthetically-pleasing body shape. 

Ideal candidates for a tummy tuck are individuals in good general health who have attained stable body weight. People who maintain a healthy lifestyle with a good diet and exercise are good candidates. The procedure is also ideal for women who have gone through pregnancy. 


Before a Tummy Tuck Procedure


Several things can ensure you achieve the best tummy tuck results. Taking good care of your body before and after surgery will ensure you enjoy optimal results. Before the surgery, ensure you:

  • Achieve a stable weight

  • Consume a healthy diet to ensure good body function

  • Maintain a good exercise regimen to ensure long-lasting results 

  • Quit smoking several weeks before the procedure to reduce the risk of surgical complications

Talk to the surgeon about your tummy tuck goals. Discuss your expectations and concerns to ensure the surgery meets your goals. 


Diet and Exercise - Maintaining Tummy Tuck Results 


Following a healthy lifestyle will help maintain the results of your tummy tuck. After complete healing, you will have a firm and slim midsection. To ensure long-term results, maintain a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise and a healthy diet. 

Talk to a dietician about a healthy and nutritious diet. It will ensure that life’s changes do not impact the results negatively or affect your new figure. It is crucial to realize that pregnancy will change your body. Wait until you are through having children before you schedule a tummy tuck. 


Recovery From a Tummy Tuck 


It usually takes two weeks to recover from a tummy tuck, but the results vary in individuals. It is crucial to rest during the recovery period. Get someone to help you around the house. Everyone is unique, but you must follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions.

Take prescribed medications as instructed, sleep with the legs and head elevated, and wear loose clothing. The results of a tummy tuck are visible immediately after surgery. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle will ensure you enjoy long-lasting results. 

For more on the role of diet and exercise in maintaining tummy tuck results, visit Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa at our San Diego, California office. Call 858-264-3800 to schedule an appointment today.

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