How to Correct Under Eye Bags from Changes Plastic Surgery in San Diego.

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Restylane to Undereyes

Before and After Restylane to Under Eyes

Hollowed under eyes, dark circles and a tired appearance usually begin around the age of 40. At some point, after realizing that concealing makeup isn’t really helping, women start looking for an alternative.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) injectionable fillers work like magic in filling the void, rehydrating and plumping the under eyes and instantly restoring younger-looking eyes. There are many HA products on the market, such as Juvederm, Belotero and Restylane. At Changes Plastic Surgery, the dermal filler of choice for the under eyes is Restylane. Generally, 1 syringe is all that is needed for correction of both under eyes and the cost is roughly $500 for 1 cc. Seek an experienced injector for this treatment and ask to see before and after photos before treatment. Restylane is a very forgiving product as it can be easily dissolved, but treating the delicate eye area takes skill.

Fat Grafting to Undereyes 2

Fat Grafting to Under Eyes

Because Restylane provides only temporary correction (approximately 9 months) a more permanent alternative may be your next step in treating “sleepy hollowing”. Fat grafting provides this long-lasting correction by using your own body fat, retrieved through liposuction and then purified for re-injection. Again, be very particular in choosing your practitioner, one experience in fat grafting to the eyes. Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa is a pioneer of fat grafting and performs fat grafting to the under eyes under local anesthetic. The fee is approximately $4000.

Tear Trough Implants

Tear Trough Implants

Under-eye bags in young people are usually because of a negative vector orbit, where the orbit of the eye protrudes beyond the cheekbone.
The most effective treatment for this is the insertion of tear trough implants. The implants are safe, made of silicone, and are positioned just under the orbit and above the cheekbone to permanently fill the hollow and bring the area into the light.

You may think your under-eye woes are a real horror story, but these solutions for sleepy-looking eyes and hollowing can be magically corrected with the above methods. For more information on the under-eye bag correction, contact us.

Dr. Gilbert Lee is a board-certified plastic surgeon and has received the “Top Doc” designation in plastic surgery by the San Diego County Medical Society.

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