Ten Tips to Maintain Facial Plastic Surgery Results: An Esthetician's 10 Commandments

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o you’ve taken the plunge and decided after years of accumulating sun damage, witnessing the effects of aging, and being less than consistent with skin care to start fresh with a facial plastic surgery procedure. Maybe it was a facelift, dermabrasion or injections, you’ve made a serious investment; physically, emotionally and financially.

What you must now focus on is a serious commitment to personally maintain, retain and sustain your new youthful plastic surgery results. Your decision to undergo plastic surgery didn’t happen overnight. Maintaining your results won’t happen overnight either. The most important word in maintaining your plastic surgery results is consistency in proper skincare.

Here are the Ten Commandments for maintaining our plastic surgery results and sustaining those results for as long as possible.

1. A Medical Grade Sun Block – Everyday on all exposed areas including the face, hands, neck and decollete. Most experts recommend the application of a shot glass of sunblock.

2. Regular and Proper Exfoliation – Depending on your skin’s age, thickness, and sensitivity, 1 to 3 times a week. All your creams, lotions and serums will have up to 50% more penetration. Double the results of your treatment products.

3. Nighttime Serum – Depending on your skin type and needs, the latest research shows that the skin, the largest organ of the body, needs more sleep benefits than any other organ to repair and restore itself. Furthermore, the skin needs help in regeneration and it is critical to provide the ‘help’ in the form of a serum. Serums always contain the most potent ingredients. Your esthetician can advise you on the type of serum most beneficial for your skin.

4. Use an Eye Cream – Good quality result-oriented eye creams are formulated by technology and processing to have unique absorption properties for the delicate eye area. Eye creams will address sagging, puffiness, crepey appearance, wrinkles, and dark circles. The eyes are the first facial feature to show signs of aging and help in this area requires consistent attention.

5. Facial Masks – Hardcore active ingredients infused through a topical facial mask, used one to three times a week, will go miles to retain and even gain better and better skin texture, hydration and elasticity over the long term. The best-kept secret is the regular and frequent application of facial masks.

6. Hydrating Night Cream – Provide moisture and seal in your serum. The very best skin will emerge from using an occlusive barrier cream at night. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, light moisturizing cream is best.

7. Light Exfoliating Chemical Peels or Laser – As recommended by your esthetician to resurface or target pigment changes.

8. Drink 8 Glasses of Water Daily – Essential for healthy skin cells, hydrate on the inside and outside!

9. Mist Face – A boost of moisture delivered through specially formulated mineral water 3 to 6 times a day.

10. Facial Treatments Every Four to Six Weeks – Detail and amp up results of your skincare routine with facials to professionally clean pores. Many people go to the gym regularly and their bodies show it. People who get regular facials are miles ahead of those who get one or two a year. Regular skin care treatments are the ‘main course’ and the predominant factor in keeping you on track for the best and longest skincare results possible.

Enjoy the results of your plastic surgery procedure. Follow the ten tips for enhancing and maintaining your results. You have only one face. Keep it beautiful!


About the author: Twila Shakespeare is a licensed esthetician at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego, CA. She has written a book on the make-up application called, “The Daily Miracle”, The First, Last and Only Make-Up Lesson You’ll Ever Need”, that has sold thousands of copies on QVC and print media catalogs.

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