Normal Breast Shape: What to Know About Breast Shapes and Types

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Breasts are unique and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. You will not find two people who have breasts that look the same. Genetics is a top factor that contributes to this. Your genes will influence breast tissue, density, and size.

Your areolae may also change in size during different periods. These include pregnancy and breastfeeding. They also come in different colors. The shape of the nipples also varies and is unique. So, what is usual when it comes to breast shape?

The answer? All breasts are unique. However, some shapes are more common than others. These include:



People consider this the standard breast shape since they are round and full-out with a small point at the nipple. Most bra manufacturers model their designs after these types of breasts.



These have less breast tissue, more muscle, and are widely set. However, the athletic shape may not be wider than the side-set shape.



These are similar to the East-West, although the nipples point more forward. They are further apart with more space between them since they gravitate away from the center of the chest. They look good in bras with some fabric above the cups to disguise the large gap.




The east-west shape is full-out at the bottom and the top. The nipples point in opposite directions away from the body’s center. They also have a gentle slope from the top to the bottom of the breast.



The close-set breasts have little or no separation between them. The gap may be small as they sit in the center of your chest. It creates more distance between your breast and underarm.



These have equal fullness at the top and the bottom of the breast. The round shape may also have some separation, although the breasts do not sit in the center of the chest like the close-set shape. The equal fullness gives them a uniform appearance.



Teardrop shapes are round but narrow at the top and fuller at the bottom. They look like the bell shape, although they have a much gentler slope. You can also identify them from the side.


Bell Shape

Like their name, they resemble the bell. They are narrow at the top and rounded at the bottom. They are the usual shape for people with large breasts. They tend to be heavy, and they can drag your bra down the shoulders. It causes the straps to slip.



These have a cone shape, with the breasts sloping down towards the nipples. The nipples point outward. It is the usual shape for people with smaller breasts.



The relaxed breasts are loose because they have thin breast tissue. The nipples point downward, making the breast seem elongated.



Each breast has a different shape or size than the other. However, it is not the only kind of breast that has asymmetry. Others may also have it but to a slight degree. Studies show that the left breast is sizeable in 62 percent of women.

The shape and type of your breast may differ as you age or depending on your health condition. However, it is not a cause of worry. Your body fat and hormones can also alter the shape of your breasts. That is why ladies may notice that their breasts swell just before their periods.

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