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Oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution, also called UPNEEQ®, is a new drug on the market. You can treat ptosis or blepharoptosis with these FDA-approved prescription eye drops. The eye drops are alpha agonists. They are available by prescription only from a pharmacist. The drops come in a single-use bottle that you discard after use. 



What Is Blepharoptosis?



This is a condition where you have low-lying eyelids. Brain aneurysms or stroke conditions may cause low-lying eyelids. Myasthenia gravis, Horner syndrome, eye tumors, and eye infection are other triggers. 


The condition mostly develops later in life, making it more common among older people than among the young. When the eyelid muscles stretch and grow weak, this causes the upper eyelid to droop. Millions of people above 40 years old may have ptosis. Out of all these, 15 percent have received a correct diagnosis.


Acquired blepharoptosis can lead to vision impairment. Low lying eyelids can significantly affect your vision. They do this by blocking your vision and diminishing your field of vision. Low lying eyelids interfere with day-to-day functions. It will affect your reading, computer use, and driving. It will also make it difficult to look up without tilting your head. 



How Does UPNEEQ Work?



You apply UPNEEQ to the affected eye or eyes. Following the application, the oxymetazoline starts working. It reacts with eyelid muscle, making it shorter and tighter. Consequently, the eyelids lift higher. Most patients report a change in their eyelids in as little as two hours.



How Do You Use UPNEEQ?



Read the leaflet with the instructions when you get UPNEEQ from your pharmacist and when going for a refill. Use the medication as directed by the doctor, usually one drop only in the affected eye. 


Wash your hands before you apply the eye drops. Be careful with the eyedropper tip; do not let it touch another surface, and do not touch it either. This will prevent contamination of the medicine. Also, do not let it touch your eye; this can cause eye injury. 


Make sure to remove contact lenses before you apply for the medicine. After application, wait 15 minutes before wearing your contact lenses again.



When Are You Not Advised to Use UPNEEQ?



You should not use UPNEEQ if you meet any of these conditions: 


  • If you check the container and the liquid inside has changed color or is cloudy.
  • If you are on other eye medications, wait 15 minutes or more before application. Make sure you use eye drops before using eye ointment to allow it time to enter the eye.
  • If you have uncontrolled low or high blood pressure or heart disease, UPNEEQ may worsen your symptoms.
  • If you have an immune system disorder that causes eye or mouth dryness, such as Sjogren's syndrome, you should use care when using UPNEEQ. If your symptoms worsen, contact your doctor immediately.


For patients with untreated narrow-angle glaucoma, UPNEEQ may increase the possibility of eye pressure due to fluid buildup. If you feel increased eye pressure after use, contact your doctor.


For more on UPNEEQ, visit Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa at our office in San Diego, California. You can call 858-264-3800 today to schedule an appointment.

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