My story of saline breast implant deflation.

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I did it. I got rid of my perfectly good saline breast implants. They were ten years old but still looked great. Great big.

Most women who want a breast augmentation, really want a breast augmentation. The case was different for me, having always had a small bust, I was used to them. They fit my slim figure. Along came a man who wasn’t as comfortable with my small breasts as I was. Long story short. I was sold on the idea of breast augmentation and went from a B cup to a D cup overnight. And I wasn’t happy.

350 cc. implants before deflation. The weight of the implants have caused downward migration resulting in bottoming out of the implants.


350 cc. implants before deflation. The weight of the implants have caused downward migration resulting in bottoming out of the implants.

After a decade of hating my silhouette and carrying around two oversized water balloons, I made a decision to reverse the situation.  I chose to consult with Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego.  Dr. Lee warned me that my breasts would be saggy with stretched out skin and that a mastopexy (breast lift) was most likely eminent.  Sounded good to me.

My implants were saline (salt water). Saline breast implants have historically played second to silicone implants. Silicone implants feel more natural than saline but they also have a higher risk of rupture. In my case, had I had silicone breast implants, I would have had a surgical procedure to remove them (explantation). Since mine were saline the surgeon could simply deflate them.

Let me show you how Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery performed the breast implant deflation.


Just as quickly as I went from a B to a D, I was back to my old small breasted self. As Dr. Lee pointed out, my breast tissue was compressed and it would take a few weeks for the tissue to “fluff up”.  The implant shells remained in my breasts albeit collapsed.


After 3 weeks post deflation, my breasts started to look better, but the remaining implant shells were uncomfortable.  Removing the deflated implants required only a small incision hidden in the fold.  The procedure was done under local anesthetic.

Watch the surgical removal of deflated saline implants.


At this stage of my transformation, I am getting used to my natural breasts (hello, old friends), buying new bras (bralettes are great) and considering my next steps.  Whether I choose fat grafting to add a little natural enhancement, lift my breasts with non-excisional skin tightening or revisit breast augmentation with smaller saline implants, I will keep you apprised of my journey.

Comments or questions?  Please contact us below or call Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego at 858-720-1440.

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