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A lot of slang is slung at human anatomy. Colorful, cultural, clever or crass, the street talk takes the liberty to re-define or re-name existing words or terms. No doubt you’ve heard, and subsequently scratched your head, thinking what is a MOOB? Here are 6 of the most widely used street terms for body parts.

1) Moobs aka Man Boobs aka Gynecomastia

The grammatical marriage of man and boob gives birth to Man Boobs or the very abbreviated Moob. Although fun to say and guaranteed to get a chuckle, the real condition of excess male breast tissue or gynecomastia is no laughing matter.

Solution:   Male breast surgery.

2) Uniboob aka Symmastia

Usually man-made, uniboob describes two breasts that have merged to create one mound stretching from armpit to armpit.   This can only really happen with poor implant placement and surgical technique.   Most women are not born with symmastia.

Solution:   Breast Implant Removal with or without Re-augmentation.

 3) Cankles aka Calf/Ankle Juncture

A part of the body that warrants its own blog. Cankle sufferers have little defense against a stout calf and ankle fortified with fat.

Solution: Liposuction of the lower leg.

4) Thigh Gap aka Little or No Inner Thigh

A relatively new entry stemming from the stems of long-legged models who glide down the runway with absolutely no contact between the left and right thigh.

Solution: Liposuction of the medial thigh.

5) Muffin Top aka The Flanks

The area above the buttocks, encompassing the back at or around the waistline.

This area is often exercise-resistant and prone to accumulated fat. Also referred to as Love Handles, they are not loved at all.

Solution:   Liposuction of the abdomen and flank.

6) Camel Toe aka Female Genitalia highlighted by ill-fitting pants

Descriptive visualization of a most embarrassing condition. Although camel toe is not a medical condition, female genital rejuvenation is a real surgical correction of stretched or sagging genitalia.

Solution: Labiaplasty

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa may not be your definitive guide to all street words- better to rely on the Urban Dictionary for that.   But we are pretty well versed in the creative nomenclatures applied to these (sometimes embarrassing) body traits.   Better yet, at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, Dr. Gilbert Lee can actually give you the straight talk on a correction.

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