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iposuction serves as a plastic surgery procedure that enables an individual to eliminate body fat and enhance his or her body shape.

The demand for liposuction is increasing, and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) reports the number of liposuction procedures rose 5% to more than 210,000 across the United States in 2014.

Today, the abdomen represents the most common area of the body for liposuction treatments among both men and women, but there are several lesser-known areas where liposuction can be performed as well.

Liposuction Infographic

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Some of the little known areas for liposuction include:

1. Cheeks – Liposuction can be used to eliminate small amounts of fat in the cheeks for a more contoured appearance.

2. Torso – Liposuction represents a viable option for those who want to eliminate fat in the flank area, also known as a muffin top.

3. Breasts – With liposuction, an individual can enhance the appearance of the breasts without the incisions commonly required during traditional breast reduction surgery.

4. Cankles – Puffy fat above the ankles can result in “cankles” that makes it tough to see the contour of the calf to the ankle. However, an individual can receive liposuction to eliminate fat above the ankles and minimize the appearance of cankles altogether. Read more about cankles.

5. Buttocks – An individual may get liposuction to improve the symmetry and shape of the buttocks, along with minimizing buttocks size and bulk.

6. Back Fat – Notice excess fat along the back? Liposuction allows an individual to remove excess fat along the upper back bra line.

7. Neck Liposuction can be performed on the neck to reduce the fat and improve the appearance of a double chin.

8. Mons Pubis – After significant weight loss, liposuction can be used to reduce fat deposits on the pubic mound in both men and women.

9. Male Chest – Men with gynecomastia, a condition in which enlarged breasts develop, may consider liposuction for safe, efficient reduction of excess fat from the breasts.

10. Upper Arm – Although the surgical removal of fat and skin on the upper arm is a common procedure called brachioplasty, some patients with a small amount of excess upper arm fat may benefit from liposuction.


NOTE: At the time of this post, Change Center for Scarless Surgery had not yet been introduced. Please visit Scarless Surgery for options for any of the above treatment areas.


To learn more about the wide range of liposuction treatments available to men and women, please contact Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa & Spa at 858-720-1440.

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