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What accounts for facial beauty? Classic beauty brings to mind icons past and present, each undeniably a beauty standard for the time.  What do these faces have in common?

“Classic beauties have some of the most symmetric faces and ideal facial proportions” says Gilbert Lee, M.D. “Unfortunately, for the rest of us, facial asymmetry is more the rule than the exception.”

So, is it symmetrical facial features that make one beautiful?

The Vectra 3D computer imager can demonstrate symmetry by mirroring each half of the face to create a new one as shown below. The image of Marilyn Monroe in the center is untouched. The images on either side have been created by merging each side of the face with its mirror image.   Right with mirror right and left with mirror left.  If symmetry creates beauty, the right and left image should appear more attractive than the image in the middle.

Do you find this to be true?


Leonardo De Vinci created a standard of perfect proportion for the human body based on the circle and the square. Most research into physical beauty is based on geometrics and proportion. Retired Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon, Dr. Stephen R. Marquardt (southern California), has researched the concept of beauty and facial attractiveness. With the use of mathematics, computers and massive databases of “attractive” faces, Marquardt has been able to quantify facial attractiveness in a consistent mathematical computer model.  Named the Marquardt Mask, see how an overlay of the mask on images of Angelina Jolie and Marilyn Monroe fit nearly perfectly.


Marquardt’s Beauty Mask has more than its share of skeptics, but one thing is obvious. It is not just symmetry, but a combination of geometric planes and mathematical proportion that contribute to the face of beauty.

eauty is in the eye of the beholder… and analyzed by a computer. Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa performs 3D imaging for facial procedures. An assessment of your image for symmetry is just one of the tools available. With Vectra 3D analysis, Dr. Lee can demonstrate how your own classic beauty can be achieved through surgical and non-surgical procedures resulting in better facial proportions and enhanced symmetry.

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Copyright 2015 Jill Darrah for Dr. Gilbert Lee, M.D. FACS, Voted 2007-2015 Top Doc in Plastic Surgery.


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