What Impact Does Weight Loss or Gain Have on a Facelift?

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One of the most common cosmetic procedures performed today is a facelift. People elect for a facelift for it to help with aging effects like wrinkles and drooping skin. Some people worry about the impact of weight loss or gain on the facelift results. 

How Weight Loss Affects a Facelift


Losing weight can affect how well a facelift works. The skin can become loose and saggy when a person loses weight. This is due to lost skin elasticity and weakening of the underlying tissue and muscles.

How Weight Gain Affects a Facelift


Also, gaining weight can harm the outcome of a facelift. Following a facelift, a weight increase can cause your skin to stretch and lose its form.

The Importance of Maintaining a Healthy Weight


Given these expected results, it is essential to keep a healthy weight to get the best outcome. You can maintain a consistent weight by adhering to a healthy diet and exercise routine. Doing so can keep your skin and underlying tissue healthy and elastic, giving you a more natural appearance.

The Benefits of Losing Weight Before a Facelift


You can enjoy significant benefits by losing weight before a facelift. Reduced weight will help your skin and underlying tissue remain as healthy and supple as possible. It’s why those considering getting a facelift should reach their ideal weight before the treatment.

The Risks of Gaining Weight After a Facelift


Gaining weight after a facelift leaves you with potentially negative consequences. As outlined, it can result in the skin stretching and losing shape, giving an unnatural look.

Tips for Maintaining a Healthy Weight Following a Facelift


You can follow a healthy diet and exercise plan to maintain your facelift results. Limit your alcohol intake and abstain from smoking, which can harm your skin.

Other Considerations


Various variables besides keeping a healthy weight can influence the results of a facelift. For instance, age, skin condition, and heredity can affect how the skin reacts to the procedure. Older patients and those with poor skin quality may find results that are different from those with healthy skin.

The type of facelift procedure used can also affect the results. The classic facelift, micro facelift, and neck lift are only a few of the various facelift variations. The type of procedure your plastic surgeon performs will depend on your goals, anatomy, and skin quality.


Weight loss or gain can significantly impact the results of a facelift. To achieve and keep the best results, it is recommended you maintain a healthy weight before and after the treatment. Patients considering a facelift should strive to reach their goal weight before the procedure and maintain a healthy weight afterward. By following these tips, patients can achieve a natural and long-lasting result from their facelift.

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