How to Get Stand Out Legs with No Cellulite, Baggy Knees or Cankles

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Different body parts seem to get the spotlight at different times. For now, it seems the butt is taking center stage. Instagram is so full of inflated derrieres you’d think they were giving away free helium. All joking aside, we thought legs have been ignored for a little too long. Who doesn’t ooh and ah at Heidi Klum’s long and lean gams. How many fashion models are known for their butts? It’s their gorgeous gams that get them down the runway. At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa we have the means to put your legs above your butt, in priority of attention that is.


How did cellulite get here? Why is it here? How do I make it go somewhere else? Woe is the woman who will stop at nothing to improve the look of lumps and bumps on their legs. No one really knows what causes this affliction but 90% of women can claim it as their own. Men? Not so much. This leads experts to believe cellulite has something to do with hormones. It’s time to fight back.

Several aesthetic tech giants have developed nonsurgical methods of eradicating cellulite. Unfortunately, many of the treatments provide questionable results and require so many repeat treatments, women neither have the time nor the patience to complete the series to satisfaction.

The surgeons at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa tackle cellulite at the root. Cellulite is formed by fibrous bands that run through adipose tissue (fat). Much like quilting, but it’s not as attractive on the skin as it is on a Chanel bag. In order to smooth the cellulite, your Changes surgeon will infuse the area with local anesthesia, cut the bands with a needle releasing the tension of the bands. Dips and dimples can be filled with your own natural fat through fat grafting.

Woman standing with hands on hips


Aging is equal opportunity collagen and elastin destroyer. It not only invades the face and neck, but collagen loss and poor skin quality can be seen on the thighs as well. Even with good muscle tone, the skin of the thighs is subject to a lot of bending at the knees, constantly stretching and contracting. It’s the contracting part that doesn’t quite happen when collagen and elastin are depleted. Sun damage, volume loss, and poor hydration also contribute to saggy, baggy thighs.

InMode BodyTite to the rescue. BodyTite is a scarless method of skin tightening using radiofrequency bipolar energy directed both to the surface of the skin and to the tissue beneath. The procedure is done entirely under local sedation. No incisions are made, only a few tiny poke holes are needed for the BodyTite cannula to reach underneath the skin. As the tissues heal, the sound of snapping and crackling is evidence of the skin contracting or “shrink wrapping”. You only need one session for a Scarless Thigh Lift with BodyTite. Patience is required, however. You may see an immediate improvement due to slight post-procedure swelling, but skin retraction takes time. At approximately 3 months after treatment, you can expect to see roughly 30-40% improvement with the continued tightening of the skin of thighs for up to one year.

Tip: Revision Nectifirm is scientifically formulated with plant extracts, antioxidants and biotechnological agents to firm and improve sagging and crepey skin on the neck. Ninety-eight percent of users see improvement. Believers in Nectifirm advise using the product on the skin of the thighs. Try it for hydration and a boost to collagen building after BodyTite Scarless Thigh Lift. Buy it here.


A calf that blends into the ankle without definition and without a taper to the foot has been coined a “cankle”. Women with cankles have an accumulation of fat surrounding the soleus tendon. There is also a genetic component to cankles. If mom or dad were cankle-sufferers chances are you will be too. Cankles make it hard for women to comfortably wear boots and even some shoes.

At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, Dr. Gilbert Lee gives relief to stocky ankles by performing circumferential liposuction of the calf and ankle area. The procedure takes about 2 ½ hours and it works. There is significant swelling, however, and because of the time involved, it is not a cheap procedure. But for those women tired of choosing their wardrobe based on cankle concealment, no amount of time or money will stand in their way.

Exercise and diet just can’t improve cellulite, baggy knees or cankles, but you can get a leg up on improving these problem areas with a visit to Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa. The surgeons at Changes have decades of experience in body contouring and are at the forefront of the latest advancements in scarless surgery. With their expertise and surgical skill, there’s no reason you can’t have to stand out legs.

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