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Mesh used in breast surgery
r. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa performs hundreds of breast reduction and breast reconstruction procedures. He often encounters cases where the breast tissue has been compromised and weakened. Subpar tissues can cause migration of an implant, commonly called “bottoming out” or sagging of breasts after reduction or breast reconstruction. An “internal bra” can help to keep breasts in the correct position.

Surgical mesh is a loosely woven sheet of biologic or synthetic “mesh” material. Mesh can be made of pig skin (Strattice ®), cadaver skin (Alloderm ®), silk (Seri ®) and synthetic mesh (TIGR ®) and are all FDA-approved. Mesh acts as a scaffolding of sorts which allows scar tissue to form around it.  Scar tissue is stronger and provides more support than just skin. The synthetic mesh eventually dissolves, but the scar tissue remains as an internal bra supporting the breast within the skin envelope.


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Dr. Lee recently used TIGR ® mesh in a breast reduction case on this 47-year-old female who had large, sagging breasts. His plan included using the mesh as an internal bra to support the heavy but weak breast tissues. Once Dr. Lee removed the excess breast tissue, he fashioned the mesh around the breast like an internal brassiere cup.   This mesh was chosen to control the outward and downward descent of the breasts. He then sutured the mesh to the deep chest musculature and to the natural fold under the breast.

Dr. Lee explains in this video:

Gilbert Lee, M.D. describes the insertion of mesh in breast surgery.

IntraOp TIGR mesh right


Mesh is not inexpensive, but if you are concerned about recurrent sagging after breast reduction or reconstruction surgery, choosing mesh increases the likelihood of a successful and long lasting result with natural perky, youthful breast position.

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