How Does Scarless Breast Lift Work?

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No exercise program or diet can help improve the appearance of protic or inflated breasts. If you have sagging breasts, augmentation can help lift the breasts and firm your skin. Today, many women are looking to enhance their breast shape without going through an invasive procedure. 

Some experienced plastic surgeons perform scarless breast lifts for patients with mild sagging. The scarless breast lift procedure at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa uses radiofrequency energy to avoid surgical incisions and scaring.


How Scarless Breast Lift Works

The collagen fibers in breast tissue can be tightened and remodeled to lift the breasts. BodyTite is a contouring technique that involves the use of radiofrequency energy on the skin structure. The procedure stimulates natural collagen production, which firms the skin and lifts the breasts. 

The BodyTite technology applies an electrode to the treatment site during the process. A cannula is inserted gently beneath the skin, emitting localized and controlled heat. The cannula and electrode deliver energy that stimulates collagen and causes the skin to contract. 


Benefits of Scarless Breast Lift

A scarless breast lift is a safe and effective procedure that helps tighten breast tissue without surgery. There are benefits of the scarless approach. They include creating firmer and more youthful-looking breasts and tightening sagging skin. 

The technique is minimally invasive, and it does not result in scarring. It encourages collagen production over time and lifts the breasts without incisions. Recovering from the procedure is fast and comfortable. 


Candidates for Scarless Breast Lift

A scarless breast lift is not for everyone. The procedure is ideal for patients who want a subtle lift without surgery. Good candidates are women with loose breast skin, resulting in a less perky or youthful look. 

A BodyTite procedure can help enhance the breasts after pregnancy, weight loss, or the aging process. Patients who want a firmer breast appearance without undergoing a complex surgical procedure are good candidates.


Results of Scarless Breast Lift

Most people experience noticeable skin tightening after the first session. However, several treatments are usually required to produce optimal results. Each patient is different, and your San Diego plastic surgeon will develop a treatment plan based on each patient’s goals. 

The procedure is effective, but may not  be for patients who want more volume or larger breast size. The appearance of the breasts continues to improve over time. 


During the Procedure

A scarless breast lift is an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia or numbing solution. Your plastic surgeon completes it in one to two hours, and the patient can go home after treatment. It is vital to support the breasts for four to six weeks. 

Athletic tape is effective for keeping the breasts lifted to maximize tissue shrinkage. Patients can get back to their usual activities immediately, and they can go back to exercising one week after the procedure. 

A scarless breast lift is an excellent option for women who want to restore their breast shape. The procedure can also help address issues of unevenness or asymmetry. Your plastic surgeon in San Diego at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa will review your requirements during the consultation to determine if the technique is the right option for you. 

For more on how scarless breast lift works, visit Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa at our office in San Diego, California. You can call 858-264-3800 today to schedule a consultation.

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