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re you thinking about breast augmentation but are confused by the different types of implants available? Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, with a whopping  290,000+ procedures in 2013. With such a sought after the procedure, implant manufacturers are designing for the masses, offering more shapes, sizes, and textures than in the previous decades. Before the re-introduction of safer silicone implants in 2006, most women received saline round implants. Period.

Now you can shape your silhouette with the implants you choose.

Anatomic or tear drop shaped implants are just as described with the majority of bulk in the base of the implant and a gently sloping upper pole. These implants have a textured surface to help to prevent the implant rotating in the pocket. Round implants (whether silicone or saline) have uniform volume in both upper and lower poles.

So which implant shape will give you the silhouette you really want?

If you have sagging breasts or your natural shape is heavier at the base with little fullness at the top, then the anatomic shaped implant will only accentuate your natural shape by adding unnecessary bulk where it is not needed and leaving a deflated upper pole still lacking in volume. Teardrop-shaped implants do, however, give a nice natural gentle slope to the breast. It is important to understand that these implants will not provide a significant augmentation to the top of the breasts.

If your desire is to have more projection of the upper part of your breast, a round implant will give that profile. Round implants further accentuate the upper portion of the breasts when a push-up bra is worn, much more so than with an anatomic shaped implant.

We’ve used our 3D Computer Imaging system to place the two different implants in our virtual patient.   Using the same size implants (210 cc.), the center simulation shows the gradual slope of the breast with the anatomic implant whereas the simulation on the far right is a much more rounded profile.

A board certified plastic surgeon such as Gilbert Lee, M.D. of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa can advise you on your implant selection by assessing your skin thickness, the natural shape of your breasts and by discussing what your true desires are in size, shape, and silhouette.

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