Get Glowing for the Holidays with Peels and Injectables

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ho doesn’t want to be able to put their best face forward for the holiday season? This year, give yourself the gift of confidence with a youthful glow. Rev up and rejuvenate for the holidays with peels and injectables in the perfect combination for a rested, ready to go appearance. There are numerous options for non-surgical beauty boosts; here’s how they each work, broadly speaking.

Peels Versus Injectables: What’s the Difference?

Chemical peels can restore the skin and reverse some of the common signs of sun damage and aging. They work by using a chemical solution to resurface the skin. Peels vary in strength from light to deep and depending on the strength of the process you choose, you may experience anything from minor exfoliation to notable skin sloughing as a result of your peel.

Unlike peels, which restore skin by removing damaged layers, injectables and dermal fillers fight visible signs of aging by filling the wrinkles and folds, and in some cases, by stimulating the natural production of substances such as collagen. Injectables are a hot solution for people who want to restore youthful fullness and volume to the face and lips, correct wrinkles and fine lines, and improve the contours of the face. These aren’t just for women, either; injectables are popular for men too, since most peels and injectables can be performed with very little signs of treatment.

In short, while both kinds of treatments work on the appearance of your skin more generally, peels really focus on the skin itself, sloughing off layers to reveal younger, fresher, healthier-looking skin, while injectables fill wrinkles and folds, stimulate collagen or add bulk for volume restoration.

Highlighting Peels

Chemical peels have great results with pre-cancerous lesions such as actinic keratoses, enlarged pores, fine to medium depth wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and uneven texture. A peel treatment involves two stages. In the first, your provider applies an acid solution to your skin to eliminate damaged layers, watching your skin closely to monitor the process. Once this stage is finished, your provider neutralizes the acid, stopping its activity.

Before and After TCA peels

There are three basic kinds of chemical peels. Light chemical peels are typically used to treat uneven skin pigmentation and poor skin texture. These can be repeated every four to six weeks and are not too tough to recover from. Medium chemical peels are generally used to correct fine lines and more notable skin pigmentation issues. Deep chemical peels are the strongest type. These are used in the aggressive treatment of sun damage, pre-cancerous growths, facial wrinkles, and coarse skin texture.

Why use the holidays as your excuse to freshen up with a chemical peel? Well, the obvious reason is to look and feel your best throughout the endless stream of social engagements that come with the season, but there are other reasons, too. Downtime from chemical peels varies significantly; with deeper chemical peels come significant skin peeling, swelling, and sometimes oozing. This kind of peel is perfect for when you’ve got time off. And naturally, you should not expose any freshly peeled skin to the sun—so winter is the right time for peels.

Highlighting Injectables

When it comes to injectables, you’ll find there’s a fabulous variety of choices. Botox and Dysport relax the muscles of the face out of wrinkles, and in younger patients, can help prevent them from forming in the first place. Flexible fillers like the Restylane line and the Juvederm line can be injected anywhere in the face for instant, stunning results. They can fill any crease or wrinkle smoothly without restricting movement and last for months. More permanent fillers like Radiesse and Bellafill allow injectors to sculpt and contour results and promote long-term collagen growth with injections—lasting results without surgery.

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The holidays are a great time to get back to a more youthful you with injectables. Just like with peels, for some injectables, it’s nice to have a little wiggle-room for downtime, and the holidays can give that time to you. But more than that, as you meet up with friends and family you may not have seen all year long, why not present a rejuvenated face?

Find Out More About Peels and Injectables for the Holidays

Get your glow on this holiday season with peels or injectables. Call for a quick consultation today. We are eager to help you look your best with a tailored plan of refreshing peels and enhancing injectable options.

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