Enhancing the Asian Eye with Double Fold Eyelid Procedure

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early 50% of Asians are born with eyes that have “single eyelids,” in which there is no crease that forms in the top lids when the eyes are open. Some also have extra skin and fat, which creates a hooded look. There is no denying the beauty of Asian eyes but to some women and men of Asian descent desire a more distinct fold. Double eyelid surgery or Asian blepharoplasty creates a natural crease in the eyelid that appears when the eyes are open, but not when they are closed.

The first known Asian eyelid surgery was performed in 1896 in Japan, to create symmetry in a woman born with one creased eyelid and one monolid. Thirty years later, it had reached the States when Dr. Robert Flowers began performing the operation in the 1960s. Flowers’s technique, which requires sedation and an incision between the lashline and brow, is still predominant.

It is debatable whether Asians who have facial and eyelid surgery want to ‘Westernize’ their features. That really isn’t the goal. They want to be beautiful Asians. Naturally creased Asian eyelids are not the same as Caucasian lids. Compared with Asian eyes, the white eye is more deeply set and the crease tends to run more parallel to the lashline. Asian creases may be narrow or nonexistent at the inner eye—the pink corner may be covered by downward-angled skin called an epicanthic fold—but flared up at the outer edge, creating an overall tilted eye shape.

Asian Double Fold surgery is rarely about wanting to change an inherent ethnic feature. The procedure can also correct ptosis or upper lid drooping and can be performed to correct asymmetry. Such is the case with Patient A, a 22-year-old female of Japanese heritage. She had been bothered by the difference between her eyelids. Her right upper lid was visible but there was no discernable crease on the left upper lid. She sought consultation and surgery with Dr. Gilbert Lee, a plastic surgeon at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in San Diego.

Patient A’s Story

“My whole life growing up my eyelid folds were not symmetrical. I had one monolid and the other had a fold but was not consistent. I remember I would try to hide that flaw with a lot of eyeliner in high school hoping that it wouldn’t be as noticeable. I heard about Asian eyelid surgery, which is a permanent change but was always a little hesitant setting up consultations with doctors. I ended up researching for two whole years before I found Dr. Gilbert Lee.

I was really nervous about having the eyelid surgery done since I heard stories about the pain and swelling. My anxious thoughts went away as soon as Dr. Lee explained the steps to the procedure and what to expect. He genuinely cares about what you would like to see as a result and also recommends what he thinks would also be best for your look. I put all my trust in his care and went all in for the surgery. It was not painful at all. He talked to me through the entire surgery and made it seem like a breeze. I went in on a Thursday and went back to work the following Monday. It’s been over 3 months post-op with the swelling down a lot and I still love my new eyes!”

Asian Double Fold Eyelid Surgery



Dr. Lee on Asian Double Fold Eyelid Surgery




Asian Double Fold Eyelid surgery is performed under local anesthetic and the entire operation takes an hour. Healing is quick, typically less than a week. Many female patients who have had the Asian Double Fold eyelid procedure are thrilled with the idea of having more lid showing and begin a new adventure in applying make-up.

At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, Dr. Gilbert Lee, of Asian descent himself, is uniquely skilled at performing the Asian Double Fold surgery. In fact, Dr. Lee spent time in Taiwan specifically to train on the Double Fold surgery. Asian Double Fold eyelid surgery is designed to enhance the Asian eye while still maintain the cultural beauty of the patient. If you would like to learn more about the Asian Double Fold Eyelid procedure, please contact Changes at 858.720.1440 or fill out our request for consultation form.

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