Does Juvéderm® Work on Older Skin?

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Aging is an unavoidable aspect of living. There is no way to fully reverse aging or slow it down. All you can do is age more gracefully and, with some help from some innovations, reduce the observable signs and effects of aging.

Many anti-aging regimens are available on the market, and some are very effective. However, anti-aging regimens are only effective in keeping your skin smooth and supple. They cannot completely eliminate the lines and wrinkles that form over the years without ongoing treatment.

If you have noticed that your wrinkles and fine lines are starting to show or if maybe your skin is starting to sag, you may benefit from Juvéderm®. It is a treatment that helps restore the youthfulness of your skin.

So, is Juvéderm effective on older skin?

Juvéderm Works


Juvéderm is not a single treatment but a group of injectables that help restore your skin's youth. Each type has a specific impact on your face and is effective for particular parts of your face. Juvéderm can remove the wrinkles on your face and restore the volume you may have lost. 

The main ingredient in all Juvéderm injectables is hyaluronic acid. It is safe, mainly because it is a sugar that your body also produces naturally. It is infrequent to hear of any patient reacting to hyaluronic acid.

Types of Juvéderm Injectables


As mentioned above, Juvéderm includes several dermal fillers that are effective for specific issues. When you go for a consultation, your plastic surgeon will determine which product is appropriate for you. Some popular types of Juvéderm are:


The first Juvéderm product created was meant to work on moderate wrinkles, lines, and folds in the face. Plastic Surgeons usually use it to eliminate wrinkles around the nose, mouth, and chin. It is also commonly used on the forehead and brows to create a smooth and natural texture.

Ultra Plus XC


Ultra Plus XC is similar to the original in many aspects, but its formula is much thicker. Because of this change in density, it is effective in deeper wrinkles and folds. Some of the folds that doctors use it on are nasolabial folds that are challenging to eliminate. Plastic Surgeons may also use it to add volume to the skin.



When it comes to volume loss, plastic surgeons will often use Voluma®. It delivers dramatic results in lifting the jawline, cheeks, chin, and cheekbones. 

Benefits of Juvéderm

Eliminates Wrinkles and Lines


As you age, your skin loses volume, leading to wrinkles and lines. They usually develop when your skin loses collagen. Wrinkles affect the eyes, forehead, nose, and mouth. Juvéderm replaces the missing collagen and restores the smoothness of your skin. By eliminating wrinkles and folds, Juvéderm makes you look much younger.

  • Lips

Wrinkles form around the mouth, and simultaneously, your lips lose volume. The combination of these two events makes you look much older than you are. Juvéderm can restore the volume of your lips, making them more luscious. It can also eliminate the wrinkles around your mouth and those that run from your nose.

  • Cheeks

You may notice your cheeks sagging as you age if you are naturally plump. It is due to the reduced volume in your skin. Juvéderm can restore your plush cheeks to their original fullness. 

For more on how Juvéderm works or how it can benefit or help reverse signs of aging on older skin, call Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa at 858-264-3800 today.

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