Breast Augmentation vs. Breast Lift: Which is Right for You?

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These days, it is possible to make changes to our bodies to make us feel more comfortable. Therefore, if you feel the need to change the size, appearance, or shape of your breasts, you have several options to choose from. Breast augmentation and breast lifts are some of the most common breast enhancement procedures out there. They deal with different aspects of the breast and are not for everyone. So, depending on what you want to achieve, consider their differences to know the best procedure for you.

What Is Breast Augmentation?

This procedure is ideal for women who want to increase the size of their breasts or to make them appear fuller. To be a good candidate for this procedure, consider the following:

  • Shape and size of the implant – Important factors to consider here include your body form, natural foundation, chest wall shape, and lifestyle. In line with your goals, the surgeon will help you to choose your ideal shape and size. It is best to remain within two sizes of your current bra cup size to maintain a natural appearance.

  • Implant placement and incision – Breast augmentation involves the insertion of breast implants, which happens through different types of incisions. Surgeons use periareolar (around the nipple), trans-axillary (in the armpit), or inframammary (under the breast fold) incisions to insert implants. Although each technique is different, inframammary incisions often give the best access with the least scarring.

  • Type of implant – The two main types of breast implants are saline and silicone implants. Saline implants are ideal for patients who have a lot of natural breast tissue. They are also less expensive. On the other hand, silicone implants offer a more natural appearance and feel but require a larger incision. Each has its own advantages, and you can expect them to last between ten and fifteen years.

What Is Breast Lift?

As women age and go through experiences such as childbirth and weight fluctuations, their breasts begin to droop. One of the best solutions for drooping breasts is a breast lift procedure, which works toward restoring the breast to its original position.

To know if you are a candidate for a breast lift, you can conduct the pencil test. This test involves placing a pencil under the breastfold. If the pencil holds, then you have drooping breasts. The three most common breast lift approaches include:

  • Periareolar: This procedure is ideal for women with large areolas and minor sagging.

  • Vertical Breast Reduction: This procedure is for women who need greater lift since they are experiencing moderate sagging.

  • Inverted-T Incision: This approach is for women who are experiencing significant sagging and require maximum lift.

Breast Augmentation Vs. Breast Lift: Making the Right Choice

These procedures may be applied to the same body part, though they seek to achieve slightly different objectives. Augmentation seeks to increase the size of the breast and improve its shape. A lift, on the other hand, seeks to move the breast and nipple higher without adding volume to it.

In some situations, the surgeon might need to perform both lift and augmentation procedures at the same time to achieve the intended look. Although you can know the procedure you want, a qualified plastic surgeon is in the best place to guide you.

For more on breast augmentation and breast lifts, visit Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa at our office in San Diego, California. Call 858-264-3800 to schedule an appointment today.

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