Jawline Reduction with Dysport at Changes Plastic Surgery San Diego

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When we think of American beauty icons an array of faces come to mind. Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Aniston, even Reese Witherspoon can be included for her wholesome and feminine beauty.  Our culture views these women as attractive- notable for their facial beauty. But in the Asian culture, these women exemplify a facial trait that is seen as undesirable – the square jaw.

Increasingly, Asian women are seeking cosmetic correction of a heavy or squared jaw line. The Asian ideal face shape is closer to a heart than a box. A slimmer jaw line and smaller chin is seen as more feminine, whereas a strong, square jaw masculinizes the face. In some eastern cultures, the square jaw is even seen as a sign of promiscuity.

Dr. Gilbert Lee at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa has seen a rise in Asian patients seeking a way to reduce the width of their jaws.  “There is a rising trend of Asian women seeking to soften their jaw with Botox® or Dysport®.” Dr. Lee who has perfected the Asian Double Fold eyelid surgery, is now seeing more and more Asian clientele for non-surgical jaw reduction.

The masseter muscle is a large bulky muscle at the angle of your jaw. The masseter muscle is used in chewing and you can feel this muscle by clenching your jaw and feeling along the jawline. To lessen the heaviness of the masseter muscle, Dr. Lee uses Dysport ®, a neurotoxin muscle relaxant similar to Botox ®, to restrict the movement, soften the bulk of the masseter and lessen its prominence.

Although this type of cosmetic change is mostly prevalent in Asian patients, any patient who desires a more feminine face shape can be a candidate for this treatment.

Jaw reduction  Dysport Changes Plastic Surgery

The effect of Dysport ® lasts approximately 3 to 4 months and repeat treatments are needed to keep the masseter muscles from activating, strengthening and adding bulky mass. The Changes Plastic Surgery patient above has had a Dysport ® treatment to the jaw by Dr. Lee. In each session, 50 units of Dysport ® were used and an obvious reduction in the width of her jaw has been achieved.

Whether of Asian descent or not, if a slender, heart-shaped face is your beauty ideal, Dr. Lee at Changes can help you reach your goal. Soften the lines of a boxy jawline with Dysport® treatments at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa.  Contact us below.

Botox is a registered trademark of Allergan, Inc.  Dysport is a registered trademark of Medicis Aesthetics, Inc.


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