3 Ways Dysport Knocks Out Botox

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3 Differences Botox & Dysport

n a head to head contest, three differences score a Dysport knock out over Botox. Even though both are neurotoxins and equally limit wrinkle-causing muscle movement, patients at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa seem to be in favor of the underdog, Dysport.

Having held the championship title in wrinkle correction since 1989, Botox faced a new contender when Dysport earned FDA approval for use in the United States in 2009.   Even though Dysport had been widely used in Europe, Botox was the undisputed neurotoxin/wrinkle correction champion. Could Dysport compete with the long established Botox brand?

Sizing up Dysport to Botox, both are Botulinum A Toxins.   Both must be delivered in a powdered form and must be reconstituted to a liquid form for injection. But, the differences begin there.

  • Dysport is less expensive and even with more units being administered, the price point is still less than Botox.
  • Secondly, patients report that Dysport takes effect sooner than Botox, often seeing results within 48 hours compared to Botox at 4-10 days.
  • Finally, the duration of effect seems a bit longer with Dysport, although both tend to last between 3 to 5 months.

In the end, brand loyalty doesn’t weigh in as heavily as cost effectiveness. At least for the patients at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, since Dysport delivers less of a hit to the pocketbook and takes effect faster than the competition, it seems to be a clear winner.

Have you tried either product?   What is your experience?  Leave a comment and follow Changes Plastic Surgery blog for more anti-aging news and views.

*Not a fan of needles?   Consider Corrugator Resection.

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