3 Most Commonly Requested Asian Cosmetic Procedures at Changes Plastic Surgery San Diego

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Many Asian patients are choosing to alter their appearance through plastic surgery. Plastic surgery, in and of itself, can be controversial, but when a non-caucasian opts for cosmetic surgery, watch out. Accusations of trying to “look white” or to “westernize” their look abound.
Julie Chen of “The Talk” and the television series Big Brother has been in the media recently for her obvious plastic surgery choices and the public comment is as much negative as positive. Ms. Chen embraces her new look, and frankly so do we at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa.   Gilbert Lee, M.D. has performed a number of procedures at the request of his Asian patients to change the shape of the natural eye, nose, and even the jaw line.   None of the procedures leave the patient looking “less Asian”.

Asian Double Fold  

The Asian upper eyelid is full with either a very slight or no discernible upper eyelid fold. The Asian Double Fold Eyelid procedure involves an upper lid incision and the creation of a “fold” which allows more of the upper lid to show. The eye appears more open and many Asian women delight in being able to apply makeup to the upper lid and actually have it be seen. Dr. Lee perfected the Asian Double Fold procedure while studying the procedure in Taiwan. The procedure can be done under local anesthesia with recovery taking only a week or two.Asian Double Fold at Changes Plastic Surgery

Asian Rhinoplasty

The most common request when it comes to rhinoplasty (or nose reshaping) for Asian patients is to achieve a higher, more projected nasal bridge.   In this technique, Dr. Lee harvests cartilage (primarily from the ear) and surgically builds up the area.   Some patients request a reduction in the width of the nose and to reshape the tip.   The overall result is subtle with an improved profile line.   Julie Chen’s rhinoplasty results are superb. Her nose is refined and less dominant over her facial features.Asian Rhinoplasty at Changes Plastic Surgery

Jawline Reduction

In the Asian culture, a heart shaped face is most desirable. Asian women with a square, firmly defined jawline come to Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa in search of a procedure that will reduce the appearance of the jaw.  Dr. Lee injects Dysport or Botox in the masseter muscle of the jaw. With repeated injection sessions, the muscles relax and the jawline softens.

Dr. Gilbert Lee, who is of Chinese decent, understands the importance of maintaining a patient’s ethnicity, and at the same time, fulfilling the patients’ desire for cosmetic changes. Our Asian patients admit that they feel a subtle connection with Dr. Lee since he is Asian and more comfortable with him translating their aesthetic desires.

If you are interested in any of the above procedures, schedule a visit with Dr. Lee at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa. Let us show you how you might look with Asian Double Fold, rhinoplasty or jawline reduction with the assistance of 3D Computer Imaging. Contact us for a personal consultation.

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