CellSound Non-Invasive
Facial & Body Contouring

This is a breakthrough technology that offers facial and body contouring. The treatment helps create tighter, smoother, and more vibrant facial and body skin.

About CellSound

CellSound uses therapeutic sound waves instead of procedures that utilize heating or freezing methods that can damage cells.

The procedure is effective for reversing the debilitating effects of aging. It also helps in delivering smoother and more vibrant facial and body skin. Unlike many treatments, it does not injure the skin. It targets the root cause of the issue, the aging process. The procedure can help increase facial volume and reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and other aging problems.

CellSound After Surgery

CellSound is also a game-changing treatment for post-plastic surgery care. Implemented as a post-operative intervention, this breakthrough technology demonstrates the ability to reduce swelling and improve lymphatic drainage for surgical patients. Beyond these benefits, CellSound contributes to a tighter, smoother, and more vibrant appearance of both facial and body skin.

By optimizing the contours and texture of surgically treated areas, CellSound not only aids in accelerating healing but also elevates the overall aesthetic results of the surgical procedure, making it an invaluable asset in the realm of cosmetic enhancement and post-surgical care.


​​​​​​​Discover the Power of CellSound at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa

  • Noninvasive with no tissue trauma

  • Pain-free treatment

  • Produces immediate results

  • No side effects

  • No downtime

  • Can be performed as often as desired

  • Treats multiple areas.

What Is Cell Sound?

Cell Sound's new method for reducing body fat, Body Contouring Technology, is unlike anything else on the market. The process uses therapeutic sound waves instead of thermal or freezing methods - which means it doesn't damage cells like others do while still getting results!

How Does CellSound Work?

CellSound Body employs a breakthrough patented technology to make ultrasound more effective. The Body recognizes this as something invasive and shuts down immediately, rendering Therapy ineffective within minutes of exposure; however, with therapeutic sessions lasting for hours on end because it takes time for fat cells shed their content through processes, similar aerobics workouts-the only difference being we're not burning calories remotely here!

How Much Does CellSound Cost?

Get ready to experience the incredible CellSound treatment! Our pricing varies depending on the treatment area and the number of sessions you choose. Discover the perfect package for you and get ready for a transformation like no other!

How Long Does CellSound Last?

With CellSound, you can have the occasional treatment to maintain your healthy lifestyle for years. The natural and safe mechanism of action means that these results will last longer than any other type or method out there!

How Safe Is The Treatment?

Therapeutic ultrasound uses a range of very safe frequencies approved by the FDA and used worldwide to treat people. CellSound's Ultrasound technology also avoids using extreme heat, which makes it safer than other techniques available in today's market.

Does CellSound Treatment Hurt?

The CellSound Body treatment is not only practical but also comfortable. You might experience gentle heat or a sensation of pressure during the process when they increase electric field strength before easing off to your desired level of discomfort-free comfort!

What Kind Of Post-Procedure Care Is Required?
During your treatment, you won't have any downtime. You can return immediately to the things that make life worth living - work, school, family, and friends!
How Can I Confirm The Success Of Each Treatment?

CellSound Body provides an accurate way to measure your progress after each session with the PhotoFact Center. Before and following each treatment, you will be photographed by a proprietary algorithm that tracks how much weight has been lost in real-time on their website. The before-and-after photos are automatically calculated from these measurements allowing anyone seeking transformation through body contouring services easy access to what they need to know about themselves without having any idea where it came from!