Stretch Mark Removal with Icon

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Stretch marks are a serious concern for many people and have traditionally been very difficult to remove. Stretch marks or striae may form on the hips, thighs or buttocks, appearing as pink, red, purple or white lines on the skin. These marks occur if the collagen layer of the dermis (a skin layer that contains blood capillaries, nerve endings, and other structures) breaks or tears due to rapid skin expansion. Thus, stretch marks commonly appear during pregnancy (when the stomach grows) or adolescence (due to rapid body growth and weight gain).

Striae usually increase in length and width and acquire a darker reddish-purple appearance over time. The typical white, depressed appearance of older striae develops with the continuation of skin tension. Thankfully, stretch mark removal and repair is now possible with Icon laser treatment. Although complete disappearance of stretch marks have been observed, less visible appearance of the scar or stretch mark is a more realistic expectation and result. Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa see visible improvement with a series of treatments with the Icon 1540 Fractional Laser.

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How can you get stretch mark removal?

Icon 1540 Fractional Laser treatments offer safe, reliable stretch mark removal. These treatments use laser technology to target stretch marks without damaging the surrounding tissue.

The Icon treatment utilizes fractional laser technology to deliver pulses of energy to target and break down stretch marks, triggering new tissue production underneath the skin. The energy, in turn, stimulates the production of collagen which improves both the texture and color of the stretch marks. In general, lighter-skinned patients tend to heal better with laser treatments. Darker skin individuals may require more treatment sessions. Treatment stretch marks can take 3-5 sessions or more.

Patients must know that complete scar/stretch mark eradication may not be possible in many cases. However, we have seen several positive results and complete disappearance of scar/stretch marks with our patients. In order to evaluate the stretch mark improvement process, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa will take pre and post photographs after each session.

What are the side effect of Icon Treatments?

Icon treatments reduce the appearance of stretch marks, but results may vary based on an individual’s skin. Typically, lighter-skinned patients tend to heal better with laser treatments, while darker skin individuals may require additional treatment sessions. In many cases, treatment of stretch marks may require three or more sessions, but our specialists can give you a consultation for more specific information.

Botox and Dysport treatments are quick, minimally invasive, and easy. The injections themselves are tiny, and the needles will probably remind you of acupuncture needles more than anything else. Discomfort is minimal and you won’t have to endure any downtime.

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What is the Stretch Mark Removal Recovery Process?

After an Icon treatment, patients may notice immediate redness and swelling of the skin that usually subsides within a few hours. During the recovery period, new skin cells will form, and stretch marks will become smaller and thinner. Because the Icon stretch mark removal treatment helps soften the skin, the affected area should become smooth.

What alternative treatments are available?

Surgical stretch mark removal can permanently eliminate some stretch marks. However, surgery is only offered to patients who qualify for abdominoplasty, aka a “tummy tuck,” and is unavailable for stretch mark removal in other areas of the body. Surgery also may prove to be the most expensive treatment option for stretch mark removal.

Comparatively, chemical peels may help improve the appearance of stretch marks by eliminating the skin’s top layers. They can minimize the appearance of scars but cannot provide complete stretch mark removal like laser treatment potentially can.

Why should I choose Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa for Icon treatments?

For effective stretch mark removal in San Diego, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa & Spa provides a superb choice. Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa meets the highest standards for an ambulatory surgical center and focuses on delivering outstanding aesthetic plastic surgery and skin care day after day.

A San Diego mainstay for more than two decades, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa consistently works with patients to ensure they receive high-quality Icon treatments. As a result, this comprehensive San Diego plastic surgery center empowers patients to remove stretch marks quickly and easily.

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