Advances in medical laser technology have made the treatment of scars easier and more effective than ever. At Changes, we use the newest laser technology to both treat the surface color of the scar, and also to go deeper and break up the collagen bunches that cause the scar. The goal of our treatments is to get your scar to blend more naturally with the surrounding skin. As you progress through the various treatments, your scar will begin to match your natural skin even after just one treatment. If the scar is uneven in texture, laser scar revision will help smooth out the scar so that the area is flatter. Additional treatments will continue to improve these effects.

Laser icon

Laser Scar Treatments incorporate the Icon Laser and in some cases the Fraxel laser. Laser scar treatments are effective on scars from accidents, dog bites, cesarean sections, orthopedic surgery, plastic surgery, and skin grafts.

The Icon Laser is particularly effective on acne scarring (See also Bellafill). These are simple in-office sessions done under local anesthesia. The procedures can take about 30 minutes depending on the size of the scar and type of treatment being performed.

Types of Scars

Hypertrophic scars

These scars look like a raised, reddish lump on the skin, but do not grow beyond the boundary of the injured site. Hypertrophic scars and keloids affect millions of people, with an overall incidence of 4.5% to 16% of the general population.

Keloid scars

In contrast to hypertrophic scars, keloids proliferate beyond the boundaries of the initial skin injury and often continue to grow over time. Keloids are usually very thick and appear as red or purple lesions. Abnormal scarring responses are more common in certain locations (e.g., on the chest, shoulders, upper back, and ears) and in darker-skinned individuals. Keloids can be very difficult to treat and have a tendency to reappear even after scar removal. They can continue to grow and become large and tumorous (although benign). Keloid scar treatments include intralesional steroid injections and/or surgical scar removal or treatment with the Icon or Fraxel laser.