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Changing Volume Loss with Fat Grafting

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Fat grafting has become a favorite tool in the battle against aging. While body fat is generally considered a bad thing, it is actually very important in maintaining a youthful appearance in many parts of your body. Fat in the face keeps your appearance full and youthful and your skin tight. As you age this fat breaks down and your face begins to look hollow and gaunt.

By using fat grafting, we are able to take fat from other parts of your body and place it in your face, reversing the effects of time. Fat can also be grafted into the breasts for augmentation or to treat unevenness, injected into the tear troughs to mask shadowing (tear trough deformity) and improve the appearance of undereye bags, used to augment and lift the buttocks (Brazilian Butt Lift), or placed in the hands to hide the tendons and veins which are more apparent as we age.

The advantage of using fat over a synthetic facial filler is that the results can be permanent. Many patients like the idea of having a natural filler, your own fat, rather than a synthetic material. These reasons make fat grafting a popular procedure for treating the effects of aging. The harvesting of fat from other parts of your body requires liposuction, so it is very common to combine liposculpture with fat grafting.

Because this procedure takes years of experience to perfect, Changes is one of only a handful of practices in San Diego to offer fat grafting to the face, hands, breasts, and buttocks. Our surgeons have refined this technique to provide excellent and natural-looking results.

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