Changing the Asian Eye - Asian Double Fold Eyelid Surgery

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Unique facial features help characterize each of us and our ethnic origins. Approximately 85% of Asians are born without a distinct fold in their upper eyelids. The change to a “double fold” in the Asian eyelid is considered by many to create a wider or more open eye. This then conveys more definition and expression of Asian beauty. For these reasons, the double fold eyelid procedure is the most common aesthetic procedure performed on Asian patients, both male and female. The objective of the surgery is not to create a Caucasian eyelid, but to enhance the natural beauty of the native Asian eye.

Despite the wide popularity of Asian double fold eyelid surgery in Asia, most American plastic surgeons have limited experience with this operation. Dr. Gilbert Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa has studied the procedure in Taiwan and is uniquely qualified to perform the surgery.

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How Does Asian Double Fold Eyelid Surgery Differ from Blepharoplasty?

The Asian eyelid operation differs from blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, performed on Caucasians. It is important to work with a surgeon such as Dr. Gilbert Lee who possesses a keen understanding of the differences in anatomy between Asian and Caucasian eyelids.

These differences include:

  • A smaller distance between the eyelid and the eyebrow in Asians

  • The presence of more fat and muscle in the Asian eyelid

  • A shallower eye socket in Asians

  • The manner in which eyelid muscles attach to the skin and eyelid

In Caucasians, a blepharoplasty is almost exclusively done to correct the effects of aging by removing excess skin and fat from the eyelids. Comparatively, the double fold procedure is usually performed on younger Asian patients who desire a more defined, dramatic appearance to their eyes. The objective of this surgery is to enhance the natural beauty of the native Asian eye, along with ensuring eye makeup can be applied easily and will stay in place.

How Does Asian Double Fold Eyelid Surgery Perform?

Asian double fold eyelid surgery is typically performed under local anesthesia. First, your plastic surgeon will mark the area of the intended fold. Then, he or she will remove skin, muscle, and fat from the area of the fold. Based on your aesthetic goals, your surgeon will determine the amount of skin, muscle and fat to be removed. Lastly, the surgeon will suture the eyelid skin to the muscle that opens the lid, thus creating the double fold whenever the eyelid opens.

Stitches are removed 4 to 5 days following Asian double fold eyelid surgery. The fold is present immediately, and recovery takes approximately 10 to 14 days until the majority of the bruising is gone.

During your initial consultation at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, you and Dr. Lee will discuss the type of eyelid shape you desire. We are proud to say that Dr. Lee has studied this procedure in-depth and offers the most reliable techniques to our patients. We tailor the operation to the specific needs of each Asian patient as well.

If you are considering a cosmetic change to your eyelids, a consultation with Dr. Lee of Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa will give you all you need to know about the Asian double fold eyelid surgery. Please contact us today at (858) 264-3800.