Non Surgical Procedures

non-surgical procedures in san diego

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa offers a large variety of non-surgical facial procedures to fit patients with busy lifestyles and those who only need a little touching up.



Injectable treatments include dermal fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm or Radiesse and wrinkle relaxing treatments with Dysport or Botox. Fillers can help rectify deep facial wrinkles, fill in creases and furrows, plump up sunken cheeks, create fuller more sensuous lips, and correct skin depressions and some types of scars.  Fillers are also used in Liquid Rhinoplasty to correct asymmetries, fill hollows and visually enhance and improve the shape. Dermal fillers can last from 6 months to 5 or more years and longer depending on the product.

Wrinkle correction with Dysport or Botox works by relaxing hyperactive muscles that cause dynamic wrinkles between the eyebrows, in the forehead, and crow’s feet on the sides of the eyes.   By limiting the movement of these muscles, existing wrinkles will lessen in depth and new wrinkles slower to develop.

Chemical Peels

Chemical Peels come in a variety of strengths and are a popoular way of resurfacing the skin to remove pre-cancerous areas, fine lines, poor skin texture and sun damage.  Light chemical peels are performed by our esthetician or nursing staff.  Deep chemical peels are generally performed by Dr. Lee.


Laser treatments remove surface signs of aging and sun damage and can even remove unwanted hair.   Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa offers a variety of lasers to treat most conditions.

  • Fractora Radio Frequency
  • Icon Laser
  • Lumenis FX CO2 Laser
  • Fraxel Fractional Laser


Non surgical options now include incisionless skin tightening, perfect for those with small areas of sagging skin and who are not yet ready for surgical procedures.  In general, non-surgical anti-aging skin tighteninglaser and injectable treatments cost less than surgery, have little to no recovery time, and improve your appearance without signs that you’ve had any work done.

Incisionless Skin Tightening

The Inmode RFAL FaceTite and BodyTite system delivers targeted controlled heat to contract loose skin on the face, neck, upper arms, knees, breasts and other body areas.  The Inmode system outperforms other skin tightening procedures currently on the market with proven skin contraction up to 47% over one year.

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