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nip ple tuckWith a nod to the popular FX television series Nip/Tuck which showcased medical procedures from breast augmentations to vaginoplasty, our nipple/tuck blog explores nipple reduction. Enlarged nipples are frequently seen in women of color. Women of Asian or African American descent tend to have more prominent nipples. In Caucasian women, enlarged nipples are often the result of breast feeding.

Surprisingly, nipple reduction is rarely suggested for breast reduction patients, and likely many women do not realize this procedure can be done. Nipple reduction is a perfect adjunctive procedure to breast augmentations and/or breast lifts (mastopexy) especially those associated with a typical plastic surgery Mommy Makeover where the nipples have lost their shape and have enlarged through nursing.

Before and After Nipple Reduction


Before and After Nipple Reduction

The procedure is very simple. One half of the nipple is incised and the remaining tissue folded over and sutured down. Some loss of sensitivity can occur with nipple reduction. For women looking to breastfeed after the procedure, they should be aware that some loss of the ability to nurse in the future may occur because some of the milk ducts will be removed.

If you are interested in a little nip/tuck, contact us for a consultation for nipple reduction.


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