Mommy Makeover: Should I Do It Now Or Wait?


f you’re thinking about getting a Mommy Makeover, you may be wondering about the right time to do it. This is one of the most common questions our patients have when they ask about the procedure. The Mommy Makeover gets its name because it addresses specific body changes that occur after pregnancy and the combined treatments that help return you to a pre-baby body. But should you wait until you’re done bearing children? Or is it alright to have a Mommy Makeover once, even if you’re not done, and then go back again later should you decide to?

Although the right answer is a very individual thing, there are some common issues that all women face. Here are the most important factors.

What is the Mommy Makeover?

Before you make your decision, be certain that you understand all there is to know about the Mommy Makeover. A Mommy Makeover can accomplish a lot for women who have borne children. It is a tailored combination of plastic surgery procedures on the breasts and body that are performed at the same time with the same goals. The ultimate aim is to rejuvenate the areas most affected by pregnancy so you can regain some of your pre-pregnancy body. That’s why most of the procedure focuses on the breasts and abdomen—these are the two toughest regions of the body for most mothers recovering from pregnancy and childbirth.

The tummy is an obvious area of focus after having children. Pregnancy causes the muscles in the abdomen to loosen and separate. This is why some women experience the frustration and even embarrassment of looking like they’re still pregnant long after they’ve given birth. Even when you’re very disciplined in your dieting and exercise regimen, the rectus muscles once separated (a condition called rectus diastasis), must be surgically tightened in order to regain a flat stomach.

A traditional tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) improves the appearance of sagging skin by removing excess skin and stretching the skin downward. The incision is made in the bikini line and is well hidden. For many moms, a traditional tummy tuck may not be adequate especially in the case of rectus diastasis. Repair of the separated muscles along with a tummy tuck slims and tightens the whole belly.

Liposuction of the flanks is also suggested as part of the re-contouring the tummy after pregnancy. Not so affectionately known as “muffin top”, excess fat accumulates around the midsection during pregnancy. Removing the fat in this area reshapes the area for a nicer waist to buttock swale.

The breasts are an area of concern for many women after having children. Breasts naturally enlarge during pregnancy and the aftereffect of this enlargement leaves breasts deflated with a loss of volume and buoyancy, especially after nursing. They may also have changed in shape or appearance. The deflation of the breasts post-pregnancy leaves the breasts with sagging (called ptosis) with more volume below the nipple and less fullness above the nipple. Breast surgery, whether a breast liftbreast lift with augmentation, and even breast reduction are frequently a part of a Mommy Makeover, and can be performed at the same time as abdominal surgery.

Areas of the body also affected by childbirth are the vagina and the outer appearance of the labia. With the passing of the baby through the birth canal, the vaginal canal stretches and sometimes does not retract. The labia minora can also be stretched and elongated. Both conditions can cause embarrassment and decreased sexual pleasure. Some woman will combine vaginoplasty and/or labiaplasty with their Mommy Makeover.

With the help of your surgeon, you will determine what components of a Mommy Makeover are best for you.

What if I decide to have more children?

Some women are fortunate enough to have their bodies “snap back” into their pre-pregnancy conditions, without much effort at all. Others find that their bodies have changed drastically after having children. Still, other women find that, although they had few changes after their first child, once they had more their bodies changed much more significantly.

Some women are relatively young mothers, but their bodies changed notably. They miss their clothes and heading to the beach or the gym without feeling self-conscious. What if you’re not sure that you’re done having children, but your body changed significantly enough that you really just want to get your Mommy Makeover done?

If I have a Mommy Makeover, am I still physically able to have more children?

In most cases, absolutely nothing about a Mommy Makeover will affect anything about your pregnancy or childbirth capabilities. For example, it has nothing to do with your ability to conceive. And in most cases, breast augmentation has no effect at all on your milk ducts. And your abdomen will still be able to expand and carry your baby. In fact, that’s the one downside! That portion of your Mommy Makeover might essentially be undone by future pregnancies. For women who put on large amounts of weight during pregnancies or experience multiple births, this is even more likely.

The bottom line

Can you get a Mommy Makeover anytime? Yes. Technically, even if you haven’t had children! Ultimately deciding to undergo procedures involved in a Mommy Makeover is your decision. However, at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, we recommend that you wait until you are done having children to go through an extensive makeover.

You can always opt for less comprehensive procedures such as liposuction and vaginal rejuvenation.

Is the timing right for your own Mommy Makeover? Schedule a consultation with Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa.

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‘Dr. Lee did my tummy tuck and later did my eyes. Not only is he the most competent and caring physician but his work is stellar. I felt as though I did not have to worry about the outcome and I was correct. He turned a saggy stomach from weight loss into a 4 pack! When he did my eyes he transformed them but I did not change their shape. He later did Fraxel laser which really helped rebuild collagen and even out my skin so that now, at the age of 60+ I do not even need to wear foundation. It is obvious that he takes a lot of pride in his work and will definitely make you a better version of yourself. Next, I will be doing a facelift with Dr. Lee. He is the best and only one I trust.’” – Karen W.

“Beyond my expectations – San Diego, CA"

"This review is long overdue, as I have been a patient of Dr. Lee’s for many years. I had many plastic surgery opinions for the procedures I needed to be done, and, by far, I felt the most comfortable in Dr. Lee’s hands. I have had a few major procedures done by him, and I could not be more than happy with my results. Everything looks amazing. I am proportioned, symmetrical, and my scars are barely visible. Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable has always been professional. He takes the time to listen and consider my thoughts and gives his input and opinion. The entire staff is helpful as friendly. They always address my concerns and genuinely care."