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The appearance and age of your face should match how you feel on the inside. Often times when it does not, it can affect your self confidence or make you feel insecure. This can result from features that you were born with or from features brought on by aging. Facial Plastic Surgery can help you to achieve a more youthful appearance, take away harsh features which have arisen through aging, or fix a nose or chin which has always bothered you.

  • Face/Neck Procedures
    Face/Neck Procedures
  • Eyelid Procedures
    Eyelid Procedures
  • Rhinoplasty
  • Facial Implant Procedures
    Facial Implant Procedures
  • Other Facial Procedures
    Other Facial Procedures

Facial Plastic Surgery Gallery

Facial plastic surgery allows patients to change, improve or enhance facial features or tighten and rejuvenate an aging neck. Whether your desire is to change a cosmetically undesirable feature or revise a previous surgery, facial plastic surgery can boost your self-confidence and enhance your appearance.

For more than 22 years, Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa has served as a premier provider of facial plastic surgery in the San Diego area. Dr. Gilbert Lee is a board certified plastic surgeon and member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He are committed to helping you achieve a natural result from facial plastic surgery and in some cases can even perform your procedure under local anesthetic.

Our facial plastic surgery before and after images show how clients have transformed the appearance of their face and neck thanks to the technical skill and artistic vision provided by our expert plastic surgeons, and how you may be able to do the same.

We Provide Many Facial Plastic Surgery Options

At Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa, we understand that every patient is different. For that reason the Changes surgeons will outline a personalized treatment plan to make it simple for you to enjoy a facial plastic surgery that fulfills your personal needs. Furthermore, we will show you your proposed results in 3D during your consultation. The state of the art Vectra 3D Imaging system can show you the results of a rhinoplasty, eyelid surgery, face or neck lift on your own image prior to actually undergoing any surgery.

Our facial plastic surgery procedures include:

  • Face/Neck – Want to reduce the signs of aging on your face and/or neck? We provide facelifts, neck lifts and other face/neck procedures day after day.
  • Eyelids – We offer eyelid surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, that is designed to enhance the appearance of the upper or lower eyelids, or both eyelids. Dr. Lee is also an expert in the Asian Double Fold Eyelid procedure.
  • Nose – Nose surgery is available for those who want to improve facial symmetry, reduce the nose’s size or width or correct breathing problems caused by structural damage to the nose.
  • Facial Implants – Designed to improve or augment the face’s physical structure, facial implants can be used to enhance facial balance and proportion or correct under eye hollows.

We also offer fat grafting, dermabrasion and other face surgery procedures, all of which are proven to deliver consistent results.

Select Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa for Facial Plastic Surgery

For natural appearing results of facial plastic surgery, you can be confident in the surgical expertise and aesthetic results provided by Dr. Gilbert Lee. Browse through our gallery of face and neck plastic surgery before and after photos to see how Dr. Lee has enhanced the appearance of a number of men and women.

Want to learn more about facial plastic surgery and the facial plastic surgery options provided by Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa? Book a facial rejuvenation plastic surgery consultation today by calling us at 858-720-1440 or filling out our contact form.

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