Fat Transfer Facts

3 Ways To Trim The Tummy

ilbert Lee, MD at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa is one of only a few San Diego physicians skilled at the technique of fat grafting. Fat grafting is the process of removing fat from one area of the body and re-injecting it into another part of the body to provide fullness or correction. Fat grafting is used to restore volume to hollowed facial features such as the tear troughs and undereye bags, grafted into breasts for augmentation, to the buttocks for a fuller, perkier rump and even placed in the hands to improve bony hands and visible veins.

Here is what you need to know before you undergo fat grafting.

1) Fat provides the longest lasting restoration of volume.  Fat far surpasses dermal fillers in longevity.

2) Because the injected fat is your own, your body assimilates it without any allergic or adverse reaction.

3) The injected fat does not all “take” and some are reabsorbed by the body. For this reason, Dr. Lee will over-fill the area knowing there will be approximately a 50% loss.  A second treatment may be needed in order to achieve the desired amount of augmentation from fat grafting.

4) Large areas of grafting involve numerous injections. You may stay swollen for months. A generous amount of down-time is needed for most fat grafting procedures, especially fat grafting to the face.

5) Not every plastic or cosmetic surgeon is skilled at fat grafting. Dr. Lee has performed dozens of fat grafting procedures and uses the micro-droplet technique.  He describes this technique as being similar to adding corn kernels back to the cob. Fat is injected drop by drop slowly and meticulously until the desired amount of fill is achieved.

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