Why All Fat Grafting is Not Alike

Many surgeons harvest fat using high suction mechanical devices that break down the fat cells and damage surrounding blood vessels for the sake of speed. When you want your fat grafting to count, using low-suction, fine hand harvesting, and small cannulas. You can extract beautiful, undamaged, fine fat cells. When injected properly the healthy fat cells will give you a much more reliable and long-lasting result, rather than suffering the resorption and nodularity that results when you inject damaged fat.


The success of fat grafting is dependent upon a number of variables: the quality of the donor site fat, the technique of harvesting and placing the fat (ie surgeon’s technique), the quality of the recipient site, and the post-operative care of the grafted fat. Of those variables, the surgeon only has control over the technique of harvesting and placing the fat. That is why starting with pure, undamaged fine fat is key in maximizing your fat grafting result. The surgeons at Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa are specialists in the delicate harvesting and handling of fat grafts, maximizing your results from fat grafting.

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