Frequently Asked Questions

Although you may know what you would like to change about your face, skin or body, just how to go about achieving that change is determined in consultation with your Changes surgeon. During your consultation, Dr. Lee will ask you about your concerns, your hopes, and expectations, dreams, and goals. Once we understand the changes you want to make and have evaluated your physical health and medical history, Dr. Lee will then recommend the procedure(s) and artistry that will best meet your preferences.
Most consultations include state-of-the-art 3D digital imaging. These photographs will help develop a mutual understanding between you and Dr. Lee and will enable you to see the results we believe can be created – unique to you.

We welcome your questions and look forward to meeting you. This initial consultation involves no obligation or commitment. Your only obligation is to share your dreams with us and tell us how Changes can help you.

Why Do I need a consultation?

A consultation is your opportunity to discuss which procedure you are interested in and learn about various options to achieve your goals. Dr. Lee will outline a treatment plan and you will receive a free quote as well. For most cases, 3D Imaging is included at no charge with your consultation.

How do I schedule an appointment?

We invite you to call us at 858-720-1440 in order to schedule an appointment. You may also reach us by filling out the Contact Us fields at the bottom of this page. A member of our staff will contact you based on the information you provide.

Will insurance cover my procedure?

Some insurance companies pay part or all of the costs of surgery if the condition impairs normal function. Each insurance company is different, however, and it is recommended that individuals check with their own agents to determine if there is coverage.Insurance companies do not cover the costs associated with elective, cosmetic procedures. During your initial consultation, ask your Patient Coordinator for additional information about insurance coverage options.

What is the cost of plastic surgery?

Each patient has unique needs. Factors that must be taken into consideration are medical history, type, and combination of procedures needed and desired, anesthesia preferences, and facility options. Because of variations, the cost of plastic surgery can only accurately be quoted after making a visit to our office and meeting with Dr. Lee. At the close of your consultation, you will receive a price quote based on your personal plan for change.

Do you offer to finance?

ChaChanges Plastic Surgery & Spaoffers Care Credit Financing and Alphaeon. You may access online applications here.