Scarless Breast Lift

The adage that good things come to those who wait is never more appropriate than when talking about scarless surgery. After years of waiting for an effective method of tightening and eliminating sagging skin without scalpels and scars, Dr. Gilbert Lee and Dr. Michael Rossi have endorsed the InMode BodyTite RFAL system for performing a thigh lift without the usual incisions and a lengthy recovery.

A breast lift typically involves an incision around the nipple extending downward to the breast fold and under. Some women are uncomfortable with the idea of a visible breast scar and are dissuaded from undergoing a breast lift because of it.

Scarless Breast lift

One of the most common problem areas for women is sagging flappy upper arms. Loss of skin elasticity, excess fat and sagging skin of the upper arms have earned the less-than-affectionate nickname “batwings”. This area is highly resistant to exercise. The only option for correction until this point has been a surgical procedure called a brachioplasty or arm lift. This procedure involves an incision along the inner upper arm that typically extends from the armpit to the elbow. The lengthy scar can be obvious and has actually been a deterrent for patients to move forward in upper arm reduction.

Now there is a scalpel-free and scarless option to correct batwings. Changes Center for Scarless Surgery is San Diego’s single destination for correction of upper arm sagging without incisions. With the assistance of the InMode Radio-frequency system, you can now benefit from upper arm reduction with surgery-like results and without a single incision.

Why Choose Scarless Breast Lift?

Scarless Breast lift

Changes Plastic Surgery & Spa now offers a Scarless Breast Lift procedure that ensures a woman can reshape and lift the breasts and leave the treated area scarless. Our Scarless Breast Lift treatment leverages the newest technology to guarantee a woman can rejuvenate the breasts without having to go under the knife.

There are many reasons why a woman may consider a traditional breast lift, including:

  • Proven Results: A breast lift is the only option for restoring breasts to a youthful and proportional position.

  • Increased Self-Confidence: Various studies have indicated that a breast lift procedure may help women boost their self-esteem through an improved body image.

  • Improved Breast Symmetry: Asymmetrical breasts can be corrected during a breast lift.

A Scarless Breast Lift offers the same benefits as a standard breast lift procedure but eliminates the need for incisions on the breast. The incisionless breast lift requires no scalpels so there are no scars, and each Scarless Breast Lift procedure is performed by San Diego’s top plastic surgeon Dr. Gilbert Lee.

How Is a Scarless Breast Lift Performed?

During an incisionless Breast Lift, our providers will use Inmode Radio Frequency Assisted Lipolysis (RFAL) system for advanced skin tightening. The RFAL system leverages a tiny cannula that creates an electric current beneath the skin’s surface with an external electrode. Then, a highly controlled thermal field coagulates subcutaneous fat and heats fibrous septa (fat cells) and papillary dermis, which tightens the breast tissue. This helps raise the breasts and bolster their firmness.

The Scarless Breast Lift is performed under local anesthetic and patients can go home after the procedure. Patients are instructed to support their breasts for the following 4-6 weeks in a lifted position using athletic tape in order to maximize the effectiveness of the tissue shrinkage. Scarless Breast Lift patients can resume normal activities immediately and resume exercise in approximately one week.

Are You a Good Candidate for an Incisionless Breast Lift?

An incisionless Breast Lift procedure represents a great treatment option for women who want to restore breast shape after pregnancy and breastfeeding. With an Scarless Breast Lift, a woman can repair stretching and sagging of the breasts that may occur after pregnancy. A Scarless Breast Lift may also serve as an ideal option for a woman who through the natural aging process has seen her breasts fall and would like a more lifted, perky breast silhouette. For women who have always had asymmetrical breasts, a Scarless Breast Lift may be appropriate for lifting the position of one breast to match the other. During your consultation, our providers will review your desired improvements and determine if a Scarless Breast Lift is the best treatment option for you.

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